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Windpark Fryslân: world’s largest shallow water windfarm

Blades, towers, hubs: all kinds of wind turbine parts have recently been transported via the port of Amsterdam to the construction site of the Netherlands' largest shallow water windfarm: Windpark Fryslân.

 In October, the last turbine left the TMA Logistics terminal in the Amerikahaven. The windfarm - of 89 turbines in total - is now completely finished. Windpark Fryslân - which will supply about 380 MW of power to about 500,000 households - is the fifth large wind farm to be installed from this region.

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The Amsterdam - IJmuiden region has made a major contribution to the realization of this largest wind farm on inland waterways. In this region, the facilities and knowledge are available to facilitate the logistics, assembly and production of components. For example, in addition to the location of TMA Logistics, several locations are available in the ports of IJmuiden and Amsterdam to facilitate this. And with the arrival of the Energiehaven in IJmuiden in 2025, we can also facilitate the installation of the future offshore windfarms which are planned on the North Sea.     

Do you want to know more about the role of Amsterdam and IJmuiden in the installation of the windfarms at sea and around the IJsselmeer? Please contact Allard Klinkers or read these four stories about the four organisations that played an important role in the realisation of Windpark Fryslân.