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Exchanging employees via 'Havenspot' platform

At the moment the world is at a standstill or is running at more than full speed. Also in the Amsterdam port in this time of corona crisis, as everywhere in the country, there are companies where the employees are out of work or companies where they just can't handle the work.

To respond to this, Port of Amsterdam, together with Watertalent, has taken the initiative to bring online employers into contact with each other.

For this new initiative an online employment platform was set up without profit motive, by Watertalent with the name 'Havenspot'. With this peer-to-peer hire and loan, employees remain on the payroll of their own employer who, at a mutually agreed rate, can temporarily perform work for another employer.

The advantage is that when the market picks up again, employees can resume working for their own employer without being laid off or having to make use of government schemes. Companies (inside and outside the ports) can make use of this new labour market platform by registering at Havenspot and indicating whether they are looking for or offering employees. The companies will then be put in contact with each other to make agreements about the exchange.

Matty van den Berg, co-founder of Watertalent: 'We are pleased with Port of Amsterdam's proactive attitude to support the port business community in this way. In the short timeframe of 1.5 weeks this platform has been realised, which has been made possible in part thanks to the support of Port of Amsterdam'.

Koen Overtoom, CEO of Port of Amsterdam: 'The port and the companies in the port fulfil an important vital function in this day and age. We therefore also think along with the companies in this time of crisis. Port spotlight is an example of this. As a matchmaker we want to offer the companies a helping hand. This initiative helps us to get through these times together'.

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