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European award of shore power Cruise Port Amsterdam (CPA)

On May 10, Port of Amsterdam awarded the contract for the realization of shore power at Cruise Port Amsterdam (CPA) to Powercon A/S and with BAM as subcontractor. Both the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management and the European Commission granted subsidies for this project.

Shore power from 2025

It is expected that as early as 2025, 75% of the sea cruise ships in Amsterdam will be suitable for connection to shore-based power. These are mainly newer ships or ships that have already been adapted because of the new European legislation that makesthe use of shore power for sea cruise mandatory from 2030. This will prevent exhaust emissions from generators of river and sea cruise while staying at CPA in the future. Because of the central location of the cruise port, in a busy part of Amsterdam, we wanted to reduce emissions here earlier than the legislation requires us to do. In particular, this involves the reduction of CO2 emissions. By offering shore power at Cruise Port Amsterdam, we are contributing to the goal of the city of Amsterdam of being climate neutral by 2050 and to the European Green Deal..

We are investigating whether the shore power and infrastructure can also be used in other ways,when there are no seagoing cruise vessels moored. For example, as a charging point for bus and coach transportation. These options will be worked out in more detail in the future, but initial analyses already show great opportunities.

Vision on clean shipping

Our ambitions, goals and actions are captured in our Vision on Clean shipping. Among other things, this vision sets goals for reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to ensuring that the sea cruise on the quay must be emission-free by 2030, we are also working to ensure that all shipping must be emission-free in the Amsterdam port by 2050.

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