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Bio-based welding gas production facility to open in the port of Amsterdam

01 June 2020

The US-based Taronis Fuels will be launching its first-ever production facility in Western Europe in the port of Amsterdam. The new site will be dedicated to the production of bio-based welding gas, a fuel type commonly used in the construction and shipbuilding industries.

Taronis Fuels, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taronis Technologies, decided on Amsterdam on account of its strong focus on sustainability and innovation, combined with a fertile sales market due to its proximity to the sea, good port-hinterland connectivity, and aviation links.

The process of cutting steel (including bar and plate elements) with welding gas (also known as acetylene gas) involves the use of ultra-high energy density in order to ensure consistently high flame temperatures. Since workers are exposed to certain safety risks, the use of the gas is subject to a number of very strict rules. The renewable variety of the fuel developed by Taronis Fuels, known as MagneGas, is an alternative to acetylene gas produced from several types of liquid waste.

The Amsterdam facility will initially be used for processing ethanol waste. MagneGas is regarded by numerous end users as significantly safer in terms of use, storage and transport than regular acetylene gas. Other benefits include its superior cutting properties and superior sustainability performance due to the use of ethanol waste.

Taronis Fuels’ new site will be located on the Australiëhavenweg in the port of Amsterdam. The facility is scheduled to become operational in 2020, once the development of the production plant (due to start imminently) has been finalised.

Roon van Maanen, Port of Amsterdam’s Head of Circular and Renewable Industry: “Taronis Fuels is an asset to our port, also in terms of our goal of attracting biofuel producers as we work towards creating a zero-emission industry. The current expansion of Taronis Fuels is a textbook example of how new technologies find their way to the market. Our focus on sustainability and our excellent links were critical factors in Taronis Fuels’ decision to build their new site right here in the port. Obviously, we’re delighted they ended up making that choice.”