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Our Lock Schedule procedure

The Harbour Master's Division of Port of Amsterdam schedules ingoing ships for lock passage from 48 hours in advance. Outgoing ships are scheduled for lock passage from 24 hours in advance.

In the Lock Schedule, planning schedules for lock passages are made available in almost real-time through the Harbour Master Management Information System (HaMIS).

Scheduling source

The lock planning schedule is based on information (ETA and ETD berth) entered by ship's agents into the Port Community System (PCS).

As to the scheduling itself, the ship's agent who is the first to apply for a specific time via the PCS will be awarded the requested lock reservation. Provided it will fit into the existing planning schedule.

Tidal-bound ships

Exceptions can be made for the arrival of so-called tidal-bound ships. Tidal-bound ships have priority as lock passages of these ships are dependent on the tidal level and the rate of the tidal stream. In case of simultaneous times of lock passage, a tidal bound ship will have priority over another ship.


Lock reservations for outgoing ships must be finalised by the ship’s agent. This must be done by ordering that ship at least 6 hours prior to its requested departure time (ETD berth). In the event that the agent fails to finalise the ship's reservation, the lock reservation will be cancelled.

Notice of change for ETA or ETD

Lock reservation may be changed if a ship's ETA or ETD changes. Ship's agents are required to report any changes through the Port Community System (PCS).

If the ship or the captain sends a different ETA to both Port of Amsterdam and its own agency, Port of Amsterdam will process this update unless the agent himself decides otherwise, or unless the ship has been given the status of "Stay Outside Until Further Notice" ("TNOBB").

If changes in the planning schedule allow for a lock passage at a time requested by an agent at an earlier stage, the Harbour Master's Division will inform that agent accordingly. In that case, the agent himself is required to change his application for a lock passage through PCS.

ETD unknown

With regard to this planning system, ship’s agents are requested not to fill in the field for ETD berth in PCS if the ETD of the outgoing voyage is still unknown or imprecise.

Other working arrangements

These DSP Working Agreements have an explicit link with the following regulations:

  • The existing Combined Lockage Regulation, which forms part of CNB Order No. CNB/2013/138;
  • The existing Policy Regulations for Lock Passage of Marginal Ships through the IJmuiden North Lock and the North Sea Canal, as laid down in Announcement No. CNB/2011/33;
  • The IJgeul Tidal Window Regulation, dated March 2016;
  • The existing Regeling Scheepsbewegingen (Vessel Movements Regulation). The Working Agreements Dynamic Lock Scheduling System (insofar as they deviate from the existing Regulation) will be entered in the Regulation by the Vessel Movements Committee.

The DSP Working Agreements can be found at the bottom of this page (PDF).

Availability of tugs and pilots

Information on the availability of tugs and on the pilotage service is delivered by our partners: Port Towage Amsterdam and the Regional Pilot’s Corporation. The availability indicators are shown as vertical lines on the right hand side and indicate as follows:

  • Availability tugs: Normal, Limited or Low (Green, Yellow, Red)
  • Pilotage status: Normal, Storm pilotage small, Storm pilotage all (Green, Yellow, Orange)


The Harbour Master's Division of Port of Amsterdam (on behalf of the Director of the CNB) has a deciding vote on matters concerning the lock planning schedule.

Error messages

If you experience any technical problems with this website, please contact the VTS Coordinator. The VTS Coordinator will contact the Nautical Information Systems Administrator of the Harbour Master's Division.

For any questions about the lock planning schedule, please contact the VTS Coordinator.

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