Harbour dues and tariffs

Visiting the Port of Amsterdam with a seagoing vessel? Then you must pay harbour dues. 

Please download the General Terms and Conditions and the list of rates 2020, or consult the summary below.

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1. Harbour dues

You must pay harbour dues if, after having passed through the IJmuiden locks, your ship is berthed in the Amsterdam port area.

  • The harbour dues are invoiced on the basis of your data in the Port Community System (PCS).
  • Please submit your Statement Harbour Dues through PCS.

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For tariffs and harbour dues for sea cruise ships visit the page harbour dues and tariffs sea cruise.

IJ-palen dues

You must pay IJ-palen dues if your ship is being lightered at the IJ-palen (IJmuiden lightering facility).

  • These dues will also be invoiced on the basis of your data in PCS.
  • In addition to this, you are requested to send the transhipment statement by email to havengeld@portofamsterdam.com.


If you use a public berth, you also pay dues for the use of quays, buoys or dolphins.

Green Award

2. Discount, reward and exemption

The following discounts and rewards on the harbour dues are available:

The Green Award

Seagoing ships with a Green Award Certificate are eligible for a discount of 6%. Please send a copy of the certificate by email to havengeld@portofamsterdam.com.
Obtain your Green Award Certificate »

The Environmental Ship index

Has your ship been registered in the Environmental Ship Index (ESI)? And has your ship achieved an ESI score of 25 points or higher? In that case, you will automatically and directly be given a discount on your harbour dues invoice.

Discount for approved liner services

Apply for a liner service arrangement for a discount on the harbour dues »

Quantity discount for agri bulk cargoes

Do you regularly visit our port with ships that are loaded for more than 50% with agri bulk cargoes? If so, you may be eligible for a quantity discount. Please consult our General Terms and Conditions and List of rates to see if this is the case. Should you have any questions, please contact:

Robert Evers

Robert Evers

Commercial Division
Commercial Manager Agri Bulk
Team Cargo
Tel: +31 6 108 91 125
E-mail: robert.evers@portofamsterdam.com


There are various exemptions from harbour dues. Please apply for an exemption through PCS. Exemptions may be granted for sea training ships, navy ships or for a cruise ship making its maiden call to the port.


3. Waste and waste delivery entitlement

You always pay a waste charge - even if your ship has no waste to dispose of. The waste charge will be established on the basis of your data in PCS.

Please consult the tariffs and see how it works »

Sleepboten vletterlieden

4. Nautical services

You pay the Harbour Master's Division for the services provided by harbour patrol boats, by its employees, and for the provision of materials for private ships.

Download the tariffs for 2020


5. Day Tourist Tax for cruiseship passengers

For transit cruise passengers arriving within the municipal boundaries of Amsterdam, daily tourist tax of € 8 per passenger (per 24 hours or part thereof) must be paid. This is separate from port fees. The declaration is made via Easydock.

All about Day Tourist Tax