Tariffs and waste delivery entitlement

In the Netherlands, ships have to comply with the Wet voorkoming verontreiniging door schepen (Prevention of Pollution from Ships Act). Seagoing ships are obliged to pay a waste fee for the collection and processing of ship-generated waste. In return for this, the seagoing ship's delivery costs - or part of them - will be refunded.

Tarief scheepsafval

In principle, you must always deposit ship's waste when calling at one of the ports in the North Sea Canal area, except if you meet the conditions.

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The threshold is the value in % listed in the table that applies to a particular type of waste and the next port of call. The filling of the storage capacity may not exceed the values in % listed in the table. Should this be the case, a mandatory discharge of your waste imposed by the competent authority follows. 

The following port of call is an EU-haven or belongs to the“additional group of selected ports”
Annex I*
Annex IV*
Annex V*
Annex VI*

The following port of call is no EU-haven or belongs to the“additional group of selected ports”

Annex I*
Annex IV*
Annex V*
Annex VI*

*Including ports in Iceland, United Kingdom (including Isle of Man, Channel Islands and Gibraltar) Norway, Russia (Baltic Sea ports)

The indirect waste fee a ship must always pay when calling at one of the ports in the North Sea Canal area. Even if you have no ship's waste to deliver there. There are exceptions to the contribution requirement, please refer to the North Sea Canal Area Port Waste Plan 2023. The indirect contribution depends on the GT size of the seagoing vessel, divided into cruise ships and other seagoing vessels. The indirect contribution consists of a contribution Annex I and a contribution Annex V. In addition to the above-mentioned indirect contribution, a contribution of €40 per call is levied for administration costs.

Indirect contribution Annex I and V for cruise ships

Annex Gross tonnage (max bijdrage > 30.000 GT)
I € 50 + 0,01 * GT-maat (rounded to whole € and max € 350)


€ 200 + 0,1 * GT-maat (rounded to whole € and max € 3200)
Indirect contribution Annex I en V voor other ships
Annex Gross tonnage (max bijdrage > 22.000 GT)
I € 50 + 0,01 * GT-maat (rounded to whole € and max € 270)


€ 240+0,05 *GT to 5000GT  

€ 340+0,03 *GT >= 5000 GT max € 1000,- (rounded to whole €) 

Environmentally-friendly ships pay only a small flat fee of €50 for Annex I.

Is your seagoing ship's main propulsion machinery fuelled exclusively with marine gas oil, marine diesel oil, or LNG? Then you are eligible for a fixed contribution of €50 for Annex I. However, this must be applied for yourself.

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For each GT size, the following fee applies to the delivery of marine waste:



Annex I:

€ 200 + € 30,00 on each collected m3*.

Annex V:

Full reimbursement domestic waste per m3** collected. 

Reimbursements materials in kg / pieces according to the applicable rate list on***.

Delivery of Annex V is limited to 2 issues per call in the region within a period of 7 days from the time of arrival at the first berth.


* A maximum fee applies, based on the maximum storage capacity of sludge and bilge in m3, as stated on the supplement of the IOPP certificate. The fee is paid only once per call to the Annex I port reception facilities chosen by the shipping company or ship's agent.

** The Annex V compensation (delivery right) at 100%, with the understanding that; -the maximum delivery right is based on the maximum storage capacity for Annex V in m3 , as stated in the ship's garbage management plan. For all vessels a waste delivery right of € 200 + € 45 per m3 for domestic waste will apply per collection during normal service times.

***Small Chemical Waste compensations per kg /piece , taking into account the above.

The rates for the fixed compensation for the collection of Small Chemical Waste (KGA) per kg/piece has been established in consultation with the collectors and laid down in a so-called Open House construction for which a Harbour Reception Facility can enter into an agreement. 

The compensation for the delivery costs is paid by the Administrieve Organisatie HAP to the port reception facility that has concluded an agreement with the Port of Amsterdam NV.

The port reception facility then deducts this compensation amount from the invoice for the issuing ocean vessel.

Furthermore, the port reception facility can charge a number of costs directly to the ocean vessel or shipping company. Among which are the following:

  • Waste being delivered that falls outside the refund for delivery costs
  • A deposit of waste types other than those listed in the fee schedule
  • Additional charges arising from imperfections caused by the vessel
  • Additional costs due to domestic waste and small dangerous waste having been mixed
  • Additional charges for collection Annex V outside the service hours of 07.30 to 17.00, subject to exception as stipulated in the further playing rules for tariffs.

Please consult the criteria for the tariffs

  • The ship’s GT size is determined by the International Tonnage Certificate (1969).
  • For each visit, a seagoing ship pays only once for the waste fee. In return, it receives delivery entitlements - one for Annex I and twice for Annex V.
  • Only vessels that choose a Port reception facility, which has an agreement with the Port of Amsterdam NV, are entitled to compensation.
  • Per visit a maximum of one port reception facility can be used for Annex I and a maximum of two port reception facilities for Annex V, within a period of 7 days. If the delivery for Annex V falls after 7 days then no compensation will be given for this.
  • The total m3 of waste collected applies to the ship indicated on the S Form or S Forms.
  • The limit of m3 of Annex I waste is equal to the storage capacity of the engine room of the ship mentioned on the Supplement to the International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificate.
  • The m3 limit of Annex V is equal to the storage capacity of the vessel as indicated in the garbage management plan.
  • If the Port Reception Facility collects Annex I and V simultaneously with the same collection device, the fixed fee of €200 is paid once.
  • The fixed amount of €200 will be paid once to the shipping company or ship's agent who chose the Port Reception Facility for Annex I and twice for Annex V in case of two issues within the 7-day period.
  • If Annex V collection takes place outside the service times of 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Port Reception Facility may charge the additional costs directly to the ship or shipping company. This does not apply to ocean-going vessels arriving and departing outside service hours and gas tankers that cannot or may not deliver their waste within service hours due to loading or unloading.
  • The delivery of passively fished waste is 100% covered by the delivery right of the fishing vessels concerned; no charge will be made for this waste to the fishing vessels, which land this waste.
  • The port reception facility is responsible for invoicing the correct amount of delivery entitlement to the ship or the shipping company. The agent has a monitoring role in this regard.
  • Should any disputes arise regarding the amount of delivery entitlement, the Meldpunt Scheepsafval (Ship-generated Waste Department) will decide.

Port Waste Plan Tariff Order 


Do you have any questions? Please contact the Division Harbourmaster at +31 (0)20 5234 600 and choose 2.