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Open data

Port of Amsterdam is making data available via an open data portal. These data can be used free of charge for digital innovations and improvements. You can also use them for digital links and optimising your own processes.

Which data are available?

Nautische informatie

Nautical information

Nautical objects such as buoys and traffic signs, and practical information such as berths for inland navigation vessels.

Nautical information


Area boundaries

Area boundaries including the operating area of Port of Amsterdam and the area managed by Central Nautical Management.

Area boundaries

File formats

The open data are available in various file formats:

  • Shapefiles
  • Webmaps
  • Webservices
  • Spreadsheets
  • Pdf files

Terms of use

Guarantee and liability

Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. compiles the content of the datasets with the greatest possible care, but does not provide any guarantee that these datasets are complete, up to date, accurate and correct. Nor does Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. provide any guarantee concerning the availability of the datasets. Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. excludes any liability for any loss or damage whatsoever, direct and/or indirect, that may have been caused in any way by and/or arises from the use of these datasets.

Terms of use of open data

The datasets of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. are freely available to anyone and therefore freely usable. The data concerned are not privacy sensitive, susceptible to fraud or competitively sensitive. Unless stated otherwise, the Creative Commons (CC0 1.0) ‘public domain mark’ applies to the datasets that are made available via this website. In any case, this means the following:

Re-use of contents

Anyone – whether a private individual or a business – is permitted to re-use the datasets (copy, modify, distribute) for own use, without being required to state the source.

Rights that remain unchanged

The public domain mark does not in any way whatsoever affect the patent rights or trademark rights of third parties.

Any questions?

We will be pleased to help you if you are looking for specific data(streams), or if you have other questions.