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Update on booking, cancellation and schedule for 2022

24 June 2021

In these times of changing COVID-19 rules and relaxations, there is sometimes uncertainty about bookings, cancellations and the schedule. To avoid confusion, this article provides an overview of the most important arrangements and an update on the 2022 schedule.

Anyone can make a booking

Anyone can book a berth over the coming period. Monic van der Heyden, Commercial Manager Cruise, says: "We are trying to accommodate as many shipping companies as possible, but not too many at once. Hence we are not yet allowing ships to double berth in order to avoid contact. We are expecting to reopen fully on 1 September."

COVID-19 cancellation arrangement extended

In addition, the COVID-19 cancellation arrangement has been extended until 1 September. That means that you can cancel free of charge for August until 15 July. "We are currently assuming that this arrangement will no longer be necessary after 1 September, as everything will then go back to normal. If not, we will extend it again," Monic explains.

Schedule for 2022 season

The process for the schedule for the 2022 season will be the same as before this year. Monic says: "As usual, we will be producing the annual schedule in October. We will include all bookings made up to 1 October. We will hopefully be able to announce the schedule at an in-person event." More information on this will be provided in due course.