scam alert

Scammers active pretending to be recruiters for Port of Amsterdam

Several times in the past period we have received a message from individuals from abroad who have been offered a job by someone posing as a recruiter for Port of Amsterdam.

They received a contract drawn up in English and in some cases were asked to transfer money for the mediation costs. This is a case of fraud. Port of Amsterdam never approaches people with such an offer in this way.

Scammers active

The messages were sent by fraudsters who are abusing the name of Port of Amsterdam. The vacancies that we offer are listed on our site and on If you are interested in a vacancy, you can respond to it yourself or contact us with questions. Furthermore, we use an extensive application procedure, with several interviews between the applicant and employees of the Port Authority. We will therefore never simply offer a contract.

Be alert

Have you been approached by a recruiter who claims to be working for Port of Amsterdam? Then first check whether the person is actually working for a company with which we do business, or contact us to make sure that the vacancy they are talking about actually exists.