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Hydrogen Hub Amsterdam-North Sea Canal Area launched at World Hydrogen Congress

In the presence of a large international group of frontrunners in the field of the hydrogen economy, alderman Victor Everhardt of Economic Affairs of the Municipality of Amsterdam launched the Hydrogen Hub at the World Hydrogen Congress.

Port of Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Tata Steel, Gasunie, Nobian, Vattenfall, Alliander, the Province of Noord-Holland, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Zaanstad, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, ORAM and the agency for the North Sea Canal region have joined forces to accelerate the transition to hydrogen. 

The ambition of these partners is to develop the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the North Sea Canal Area into an international Hydrogen Hub in the coming decades. The plans for this Hydrogen Hub are described in a position paper that was presented by Victor Everhardt at the event. 

The unique characteristics of the Amsterdam and North Sea Canal regions mean the utilisation of hydrogen has an excellent starting position to provide new, sustainable and unique value chains for the Netherlands, such as CO2-free steel and clean fuels for sea and air transport. 
The ideal ingredients are present for the transition to hydrogen, with Port of Amsterdam being one of the largest fuel ports in the world, leading industry in the North Sea Canal Area,  Schiphol airport, the North Sea closeby, the connections to the hinterland, the extensive gas and fuel infrastructure in the region, and the presence of the world's top scientists in the field of hydrogen. 

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Region and the North Sea Canal Area can only achieve the climate goals by fully committing to hydrogen developments. Hydrogen is essential for the continued existence of the air and sea ports and industry. By working together in this Hydrogen Hub, we are taking an important step towards the future. A future without fossil fuels, but with a strong and energy-neutral industry and economy.

Check out the interactive map to find out more on the Hydrogen Hub.