veilig bunkeren alternatieve brandstoffen zeeschepen

How do we safely bunker alternative fuels

03 November 2021
We are working hard on clean fuels for shipping. This includes hydrogen, methanol and ammonia. But what about the spatial planning and safety when these fuels are bunkered? Does this require the development of new policies?

To make sure that the port of Amsterdam is ready for clean shipping, we have researched the spatial planning of bunkering alternative fuels, together with DNV and AVIV. The conclusion is that the currently defined safety distances for the bunkering of LNG are sufficient for similar bunkering operations for nearly all new fuels, with the exception of ammonia.

You can read more about the research and its conclusions in the reports. The DNV report focusses on Ship Ship-to-Ship bunker operations. The AVIV report on Truck-to-Ship bunker operations.

Download DNV report

Download AVIV report