5 improved facilities in the port

News item

Recently, Port of Amsterdam has improved or added five facilities in the port. They are a second drinking water tap, extra bollards for smaller ships and extra bollards. In addition, regular inland navigation vessels are now allowed to moor at the push barge spots in the Suezhaven.

Second drinking water tap point in Afrikahaven

From now on, there will be a second drinking water tap point at the car landing in Afrikahaven. You can use the tap via your account in the app Connect4Shore, which also uses shore power. The first 6 cubic metres of water are free. Arjan de Kremer, advisor at Port of Amsterdam: "At the moment the new drinking water tap point still has a few teething problems. We are working to remedy these as soon as possible. We also want to build a third tap point in another part of the port. We are currently taking stock of the possibilities. That way, all inland navigation vessels in the port will soon have quick and easy access to drinking water."

Extra poles Zanzibarhaven and Haparandadam

Extra bollards have been placed at the holding area in Zanzibarhaven. As a result, shorter vessels, such as sprues, can moor here from now on. This was a frequently expressed wish of skippers. Previously, this was not possible because the poles were too far apart. For the same reason, an additional pole has been placed on the west side of the car landing at the Haparandacam. This means that smaller ships heading for IJmuiden no longer need to turn around to moor properly. Previously, there was only an extra bollard on the east side.

Extra bollards Afrikahaven

From now on, there will be extra bollards at the waiting places in Afrikahaven. These have been placed at the request of the inland shipping sector. The bollards are on the outside of the rear posts. As a result, large ships, such as 135-metre tankers, can moor better and the berths are safer.

Regular inland navigation vessels at push barge spots in Suezhaven

Regular inland navigation vessels can now moor at the barge berths in the Suezhaven. This was a wish of our inland shipping clients. However, the ships have to use spud poles. Arjan de Kremer: "In the Westhaven there is regularly a lack of waiting places for inland navigation. With this modification we are using the berths more efficiently."