Coronavirus COVID-19: work at the port will continue

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Declaration of health
Procedure infectious diseases
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Due to the coronavirus and the accompanying measures taken by governments and companies, we live in unprecedented times. Port of Amsterdam follows the developments closely and would like to keep the port operational, together with its clients, partners and other stakeholders.


Infectious disease and infectious disease procedure

The Public Health Act

Is there a suspicion of one or more patients on board with an infectious disease? Report this as soon as possible to the Traffic Control Division of the Harbour Master's Division and the pilot on board. In the following cases, also inform the Harbour Master's Division traffic control via PCS, telephone or VHF7.

In the event of infectious diseases

Before entry: Following your report, traffic control will inform the Netherlands Coastguard Centre: Telephone: 0900 01 11 (local rate) or VHF channel 16 or the Radio Medical Service. The Radio Medical Service determines the next steps based on described scenarios.

At berth: If the ship is already moored, traffic control will inform the port doctor.  
Go to the website Medical Centre for Seamen Amsterdam

In the case of contaminated goods or cargo

Before entry: Following your report, air traffic control will inform the Coastguard Centre or the Radio Medical Service. The Radio Medical Service determines the next steps based on the scenarios described.

At berth: If the ship is already moored, traffic control will inform the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority.

The port will remain open

It is not only vital for the cargo flows to and from our port, that the port remains open. Our port area has several vital functions that need to be protected, like the production of energy, the processing of waste, and the supplying of drinking water. That is why we take measures and are preparing multiple scenarios, to protect these functions for you and to keep our people safe on the job. 


Measures Port of Amsterdam

Closed to all sea and river cruise ships

Until further notice, we (security region Amsterdam-Amstelland) have closed the port to all sea and river cruise ships.

Our events cancelled

We cancel all events until 1 September 2020. This applies to our own events as well as to events in which we participate as an organisation.

Daily consultation with terminals

Together with ORAM we have daily consultations with the terminals in the port area about the impact of measures and the current state of affairs.

  • A task force has been set up with a handbook full of measures for the operations of the Harbour Master's Division in the event of illness of one of the employees and to prevent illness:
  • No external personnel are admitted to the Port Operations Centre (HOC). So only the people of Port of Amsterdam, Pilotage and Copper Crew in the shift;
  • There is no more physical transfer at the shift changes;
  • There are no more ship inspections for seagoing and inland shipping, unless it concerns high-risk cargo or in the event of danger to the surrounding area.

These are just a few of the measures Port of Amsterdam is taking to contain the coronavirus. Naturally, we examine the situation on a daily basis and consult closely with the relevant authorities in order to reach a decision.

Coronavirus Protocol Shipping

Read more about our protocol for Marine Traffic


Corona payment arrangements for Port of Amsterdam customers

Port of Amsterdam will temporarily offer our customers the possibility to make use of extended payment arrangements for rent and ground lease, seaport dues and/or inland harbour dues.

On this page we will explain in detail how these arrangements work, how you can make use of them and where you can contact us with any questions you may have.


Declaration of health

Download the maritime health declaration:



Any questions or remarks? Please email us:

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Useful sources of information

Health Risks

The RIVM's 'Current information about the novel coronavirus' page contains all the guidelines on how to deal with potential health risks within your company.

You will find frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and health on the site of the Government of the Netherlands.

Support for companies
The national government has taken a package of support measures for entrepreneurs, businesses and self-employed people. On the site, you will also find information on the economic measures and frequently asked questions.

Support for businesses in Amsterdam

In addition to the national government's package of measures, the municipality of Amsterdam has taken support measures for Amsterdam businesses. These can also be found in the (Dutch) letter from the Municipal Executive to the city council

Other information

Various other information can also be found on the special corona web pages of the ORAM business network and network and marketing organisation Amports.