Easydock makes reservation easy

Since 1 January 2018, you can reserve berths for river cruise ships and party ships in Amsterdam and Zaanstad exclusively through the Easydock free online reservation system.

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Declaration Day Tourist Tax in Easydock

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Easydock provides many benefits

As a shipping company, you require an account that allows you to make the reservations you need after entering your fleet details only once.

Single statement, single invoice

The new Easydock online reservation system has eliminated the need for submitting separate Statements for Inland Harbour Dues. Once you have made your reservation – your reservation doubles as a statement. You will receive a combined invoice which will specify both the reservation fee and the Harbour Dues.

Control and transparency

Easydock allows you, as a shipping company, to manage your schedule and reservation information in the allocation and status section of the reservation system.

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Overview for captains, crew and operators

Download the free Easydock app for captains, crew, tour operators, bus drivers and other parties involved in the river cruise operational process. This app offers:

  • Overview in the current status, so that everyone involved knows the berth, ETA, ETD, etc. of the ship.
  • A chat function that allows communication with the Nautical Operation of Port of Amsterdam.
  • From 1 January 2019, the app must be used for completing the ship report for Day Tourist Tax.

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Direct contact with our experts

For wishes, questions and more information on Easydock

Monic van der Heyden

Monic van der Heyden

Commercial Division
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E-mail: monic.van.der.heyden@portofamsterdam.com