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  1. News item 19-03-2020
    Working together to ensure an open port

    We have daily meetings with the port companies and business association ORAM about the developments and the impact on the operation of the companies. At these meetings, we ask whether and how we can help one another. read more »

  2. News item 17-03-2020
    Message from CEO Koen Overtoom

    The coronavirus and the accompanying measures to fight it, mean we currently live in unprecedented times. No one has experienced this on such a scale. Our daily lives have been affected and the lives of our elderly and our children have been dramatically changed in a matter of days. The predictions... read more »

  3. News item 13-03-2020
    Corona: measures coronavirus at Port of Amsterdam

    To limit the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible, employees of Port of Amsterdam will be working from home from March 13 until at least March 31. By doing so, we follow the measures announced by the Cabinet on March 12th. All employees can be reached by phone or e-mail. read more »

  4. News item 13-03-2020
    Corona: protocol coronavirus for marine traffic

    Find out more about the protocol of Port of Amsterdam concerning the coronavirus COVID-19. Download the Maritime Health Declaration, requested for all ships entering the port. read more »

  5. News item 02-03-2020
    New sea lock - what's happening in March and April?

    In March and April, OpenIJ is going to asphalt part of the future public road near the guard wall and the dividing wall (number 1 in the picture). Also in March and April, the builders will complete the last section of the southern lock chamber wall (number 2 in the picture). OpenIJ is also working... read more »