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  • News item 30-09-2020
    The logistics centre has been relocated
    The OpenIJ Logistics Centre is the place where all materials for the construction of the new sea lock are stored. Initially, the centre was located in Amsterdam's Western Port Area, but recently the site has been relocated and the materials have been stored close to the lock complex.
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  • News item 30-09-2020
    A dredged-out lock chamber
    In 11 weeks’ time, 600,000 m3 of sand has been dredged out of the lock chamber by cutter suction dredger ‘Biesbosch’. The lock chamber is now at a depth of 19m below NAP. The bottom of the lock will be made of gravel and concrete which, when completed, will give the lock a maximum depth of 18 metres.
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  • Press release 22-09-2020
    First degassing tests for barges underway in Port of Amsterdam
    A trial involving innovative vapour recovery systems was launched in the port of Amsterdam today. The aim is to enable barges to recover vapours safely and in a controlled manner to prevent them from being released into the air. This marks a significant step towards clean shipping.
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  • News item 17-09-2020
    Building a wind farm: power for everyone
    In a series of four interviews, we share everything about our views on building wind farms on the water. The first to speak: Joris Hol, project leader at Wind Farm Fryslân.
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  • News item 08-09-2020
    New sea lock, what's happening in September and October?
    The construction of the new sea lock will continue unabated in the coming months. Work is being carried out on the maintenance dock situated in the inner lock head (number 1 in the picture) and preparations for the Loswal (quay) on the South Lock island (number 2 in the picture) are underway.
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  • News item 02-09-2020
    Mooring facility for push barges with trackers
    Port of Amsterdam is continuously improving its facilities and services. From 1 September 2020, barges with trackers will have the privilege of berthing in specially designated mooring areas.
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  • News item 18-08-2020
    Samskip launches Duisburg - Amsterdam rail service
    Multimodal company Samskip and Nunner Logistics are launching direct rail services between Amsterdam and Duisburg, in a new and far-reaching commitment to shippers using rail, road and waterborne transport services out of two of North Europe’s main container ports.
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  • Press release 10-08-2020
    Transhipment in North Sea Canal ports down by more than 10 percent due to coronavirus crisis
    Transhipment in the seaports in the North Sea Canal region fell by 10.7% to 48.7 million tonnes in the first six months of this year. The impact of the global corona virus crisis on the transhipment figures is clear.
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  • News item 27-07-2020
    PORT SEE app for up-to-date information about river cruise ports
    River cruise ports in the South and West of the Netherlands, Port of Amsterdam and MUST SEE are launching the app PORT SEE for up-to-date insight into the accessibility of ports for river cruise ships.
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  • Press release 07-07-2020
    Amsterdam Vaart! results in reduced emissions and congestion in the city
    37% fewer CO2 emissions, 1,600 fewer truck trips in the city and a reduction of 19,700 trips outside the city. The Amsterdam Vaart! project is making a difference. The results were achieved over the past two years by using construction logistics by water in nine construction projects in and around the city.
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