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Neo Orbis: sailing on hydrogen


The road to emission-free shipping

The build of the Neo Orbis is a pilot project, with which we are moving toward emission-free shipping. The ship will sail on hydrogen in a fixed form, namely sodium borodydride. Read more about the build of this hydrogen ship in our brochure.


The pilot project will be executed in collaboration with H2Ships. We will also be working with TU Delft Fuel (the inventor and builder of the sodium borohydride installation), MARIN (the maritime research institution), Wijk Yacht Vision (partner and designer of the ship), Next Generation Shipyards (the builder of the ship), Lloyd's Register (supervisor of the certification and safety inspection for the ship), and Baumuller (systems integrator). 


Do you have questions about Neo Orbis and the build of the ship? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Patricia Haks

Patricia Haks