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Are you considering establishing your company in the Amsterdam port region? And add value to the port area? Then explore our areas and make an appointment with one of our experts.

Port-related companies with added value

Port of Amsterdam welcomes new, port-related business. Because we offer different types of areas in the port and support, we successfully attract companies.

Is your company concerned with circular economy? Are you into superyacht construction or can you offer added value to our port area in another way? Let's meet each other soon!

Havengerelateerde bedrijven

Areas and locations

Gebieden en locaties

Which area suits your company best? 

Will you soon find yourself among other leading companies in the creative Stadhaven Minerva? Are you looking for attractive office space with the best connections from Schiphol Airport and the centre of Amsterdam? Or would you prefer to be in the middle of the logistics hotspot at the terminals? Whatever your requirements, we have a suitable area for you.

Discover the business areas


Permit application process and support

Would you like to establish your business in the port of Amsterdam? Port of Amsterdam manages, develops and operates the port and business area. And supports you in various ways. For example, you will have a commercial manager who will work with you to find the most suitable location and guide you throughout the establishment process.

Guide permit application (pdf)


Land policy and general terms and conditions

The land in the port is rented out and leased out by Port of Amsterdam. Looking for information about the allocation of land for rent and lease, land policy and soil decontamination policy? Or would you like to see new and older general terms and conditions for leasing and subleasing? You'll find them in a handy overview.

Overview land policy and conditions


Prodock, incubator for industrial innovators

Is a lot still a bit big for you and are you looking for space to start new products and your business? Then our breeding ground Prodock might be something for you! 

Prodock offers innovative entrepreneurs a workshop, office and outdoor space. Prodock also takes care of cross-fertilisation with the other companies in the port, so that new collaborations can arise.

Discover Prodock

Circulaire economie

Circular economy in the port of Amsterdam

A modern port infrastructure, innovative circular economy enterprises and plenty of room to grow?

Port of Amsterdam offers the foundation on which startups, scale-ups and more intensive projects and companies can rest their next step towards a world without waste.

Circular economy in the port


Superyacht construction in the port

The port of Amsterdam is the ideal location for superyacht building. Since the 14th century, the Amsterdam region has been known for its shipbuilding, for its craftsmanship and the highest quality standards.

Are you continuing this tradition? We invite you to settle with your superyacht building company in our port region.

Superyacht building in Amsterdam

Laatste updates

  • News item 18-08-2020
    Samskip launches Duisburg - Amsterdam rail service
    Multimodal company Samskip and Nunner Logistics are launching direct rail services between Amsterdam and Duisburg, in a new and far-reaching commitment to shippers using rail, road and waterborne transport services out of two of North Europe’s main container ports. Lees meer 
  • Press release 16-04-2020
    New Energy port for a sustainable future
    The dredge sludge depot at the former Averijhaven near IJmuiden will soon be developed into an Energy Port. A partnership covenant for the new facility was signed today. Lees meer 
  • News item 18-01-2020
    Circular disrupts misguided linear system
    The Waste Transformers transform waste into financial value at the location where the waste originates. ‘In this way we offer waste producers the possibility of transforming their own waste into clean energy and more.’ Lees meer 
  • News item 01-10-2019
    Bio-based welding gas production facility to open in the port of Amsterdam
    The US-based Taronis Fuels will be launching its first-ever production facility in Western Europe in the port of Amsterdam. The new site will be dedicated to the production of bio-based welding gas, a fuel type commonly used in the construction and shipbuilding industries. Lees meer 

Direct contact with our experts

For questions, wishes or more information on business climate.

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Jeroen Lotze

Head Real Estate & Cruise
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Francis de Wit

Commercial Manager
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Steffen Smit

Commercial manager
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Jaïr de Paauw

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Kim Borgmann

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