Strategie 2021-2025

Strategy 2021-2025

By 2025, we want to be a leading European seaport, leading the transition to a sustainable society.

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Strategy 2021-2025: Taking the lead

In 2025 we will be a visible leader in the transition and clearly on the way to a climate-neutral port in 2050. We will achieve this ambition with three strategies with which we are working towards our Vision 2030:

1. We let customers, cargoes and activities grow more sustainable.
2. Making the shipping process smoother, safer and more transparent.
3. We develop a future-proof port complex.

Read more about these strategies from page 34 in the Strategic Plan.

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View the strategy

Do you want to know more about our strategy, the goals we have set and how we are going to achieve them? Download and view the full strategic plan.

Download strategy: “Taking the lead”

Boegpraat, the podcast

By 2025, we, as a European seaport, want to be a leader in the transition to a sustainable society. This will not happen by itself and every day brings food for thought. Because we prefer to do that thinking together (and better), we will be talking to companies and partners from the port in our podcast: Boegpraat (in Dutch).

In a series of five podcasts, we will discuss our strategic goals, ambitions and plans. Are these achievable? And how are we going to achieve them together? In Boegpraat our host Eric Warners (Strategic Advisor at Port of Amsterdam) searches for answers and we hear from companies in the port what they are doing.


The strategy in a nutshell

What are we going to do in the years ahead to become that pioneer and develop the metropolitan port? And what is needed to achieve this?

In this video, Eduard de Visser, Director Strategy & Innovation, explains in four minutes what our plans are for the coming years.

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Seven concrete goals to accelerate

In order to be that leading European seaport by 2025 and to lead the way in the transition to a sustainable society, we are moving forward with seven concrete goals. From the establishment of circular process industry to keeping the shipping industry on schedule.

Read more about these concrete targets from page 29 in the Strategic Plan.

Doel 1 strategie
Goal 1: We strengthen our competitive position and retain our market share

We will maintain our 8% market share in Northwest Europe by growing 20% in the segments of alternative fuels, building materials, logistics, agri and circular.

Doel 2 strategie
Goal 2: We will grow in non-fossil turnover

Our non-fossil turnover is 65% of total turnover.

Doel 3 strategie
Goal 3: We ensure that virtually all shipping arrives and departs on time

At least 95% of all seagoing shipping departs from the port and arrives at the port on time.

Doel 4 strategie
Goal 4: We will grow in storage capacity for alternative fuels

12.5% of the storage capacity is used for alternative fuels.

Doel 5 strategie
Goal 5: We are going for more circular process industry

Circular activities are growing by issuing 25 ha to circular process industry.

Doel 6 strategie
Goal 6: We reduce CO2 emissions

The port industry, shipping industry and Port of Amsterdam together will realise a CO2 reduction of 10%.

Doel 7 strategie
Goal 7: We will create space for development

We are creating 45 hectares of development space for the transition to a sustainable economy.

Gemeentelijke Visie Haven

Municipal Port Vision 2020-2040

Our shareholder has presented the Municipal Vision Port 2020- 2040. With this vision and our new five-year strategy, we are on a common course towards a sustainable port complex.

See also the draft Port Memorandum 2020-2030 which lays down the intended national policy for the Dutch port sector.

Direct contact

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