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For period Area What Nr.sort ascending
12-10-2018 IJmuiden locks Obstruction of the IJmuiden Middle Lock 2018/38
04-10-2018 to 20-10-2018 IJmuiden Approach Announcement seismic survey IJmuiden Roads 2018/37
13-09-2018 to 19-09-2018 IJmuiden locks Obstruction of the IJmuiden Small Lock 2018/36
26-11-2018 to 27-11-2018 IJmuiden sluis IJmuiden North Lock closed for shipping 2018/34
30-08-2018/Undetermined IJmuiden sluis End of special lockage regime of the IJmuiden North Lock due to closure of the IJmuiden Middle Lock 2018/31
25-10-2018 IJmuiden locks Closure of the IJmuiden Small Lock 2018/30
21-08-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area 2018 2018/29
06-08-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Adjustment to the Oil Port Area 2018/27
12-07-2018/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied TSS IJmuiden West 2018/24
09-04-2018 to 01-08-2018 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Work area Afrikahaven Vopak Jetty No. 1 2018/14