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08-06-2017/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Measuring equipment 2017/33
14-06-2017/Undetermined IJmuiden locks Tug Use at the IJmuiden lock complex 2017/32
07-06-2017/Undetermined IJmuiden Policy Rules for transiting the North lock IJmuiden and North Sea Canal with marginal vesselsIJmuiden en het Noordzeekanaal 2017/31
01-05-2017/Undetermined IJmuiden Changes to the organisation of IJmuiden VTS 2017/25
12-09-2017 IJmuiden sluis IJmuiden North Lock obstructed due to lock gate exchange 2017/23
30-03-2017/Undetermined IJmuiden Admission Policy IJ-geul Deep Water Channel and Deep Water Berths 2017/22
19-07-2017 IJmuiden locks IJmuiden North Lock obstructed due to lock gate exchange 2017/16
07-03-2017 to 01-11-2017
Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Temporary unloading facility near Hoogtij between kilometre markers 12 and 13 on the north bank of the North Sea Canal 2017/15
07-03-2017/Undetermined IJmuiden locks Light placed on the western corner of the IJmuiden Middle Lock Island 2017/14
07-03-2017/Undetermined Amsterdam Use of berths in the port of Amsterdam 2017/13