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19-08-2019 to 31-12-2019 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Establishment of an area closed for navigation in the Vlothaven 2019/29
12-11-2019 IJmuiden locks Closure due to planned maintenance of the IJmuiden North Lock 2019/28
17-09-2019 IJmuiden locks Closure of the IJmuiden Middle Lock due to planned maintenance 2019/27
28-06-2019/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Policy Regulations in relation to the overtaking of oversized ships by other seagoing ships in the North Sea Canal between the Velserpont (river ferry at Velsen) and the entrance to Afrikahaven 2019/26
27-06-2019/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Temporarily adjusted waterway profile for the first (western) Coentunnel 2019/25
04-05-2019/Undetermined IJmuiden Guidelines for Special Transports 2019/21
01-06-2019/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Public Buoy 2 in the Amerikahaven will be removed 2019/20
01-05-2019/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Adjustment of the Oil Port Area 2019/18
29-04-2019 to 02-06-2020 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Work area indented quay section Hoogtij, north side of the North Sea Canal between kilometremarkers 12-13 2019/17
10-04-2019/Undetermined IJmuiden Buoy NK-7 in the IJmuiden Noorderbuitenkanaal has been removed 2019/16