Environmental declaration

Please note, that on January 1, 2023, the 50% discount on Port Reception Facility dues will be replaced by a low fixed fee for Annex I of €50 for all GT-sizes; the total fee will be the sum of the fee for Annex V and this € 50 fee.

To qualify for the low fixed fee for Annex I, the condition of the declaration below also applies after 1 st January 2023.

Explanation to the Environmental declaration

Declares that for the main propulsion of the above mentioned vessel solely marine gasoil, marine diesel or LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a fuel is being used in all circumstances and at all times for a period of at least 6 months prior to the date of issuance of this declaration, and will use this type of fuel in the future. 

With this declaration the owner accepts that inspectors of the Amsterdam Port Authority may check the use of the type of fuel, when berthed in the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Zaanstad and Velsen by verifying (amongst other) the bunker delivery notes or the content of the service tank of the main propulsion. 

It is accepted that due to an observation aboard, if another type of fuel is or was used as declared, this declaration becomes invalid and the full amount of costs can be charged for the particular voyage, consisting of the additional part of the fee and a surplus of 15% of the fee .  

It is accepted that this declaration will become invalid when the name of the vessel changes and/or the ownership of the vessel changes. In such cases a new declaration will have to be sent to be eligible for the reduced waste fee. 

It is accepted that this declaration is stored in a non-public database and that a list of vessels meeting the criteria, is published on the website of the port of Amsterdam. It is understood that the information will be used only for the purpose of defining the waste fee. 

It is accepted that this information can be used, if applicable and to reduce administrative burden, to inform other ports using a similar system for reduced waste fees about the status of the vessel. 

It is accepted that the owner and/or charterer has the obligation to inform the port of Amsterdam if the specific vessel no longer meets the specifications of this declaration, due to whatever circumstances. 

It is understood that after sending this completed declaration, including a copy of the supplement to the IAPP-certificate, this specific vessel is granted a low fixed fee for Annex I of €50 when the application has been approved and the vessel is calling in the ports of Amsterdam, Beverwijk, Velsen or Zaanstad. 

It is understood that the low fixed fee for Annex I of €50 can be found at the website of the port of Amsterdam and that the General Terms & Conditions under the agreements resulting from the Port Waste Plan North Sea Canal Area do apply. 

On sending this declaration, I fully understand and accept the above mentioned condition 

Toegestane bestandstypes: pdf. Max. 8 MB.