Use of anchors and spud poles

Permission may or may not be required depending on the area.

No permission required
  • Het Slik
  • IJ- haven South side quay east of the Jan Schaefer bridge
  • Houthaven north side waiting dock
  • Minervahaven north side waiting dock
  • Mercuriushaven root end waiting dock
  • Sonthaven root end waiting dock
  • Suezhaven poles south side
  • Cacaohaven south side short quays
  • Zanzibarhaven south side waiting poles

In these areas, you can use spud poles and anchors without permission and without notification being required.

Permission is required for:

All other areas. Please request permission with this form.

The use of anchors and spud poles

How to request

1. Submit the form at least 72 hours in advance. (Is this is not possible in the given time frame?)

Please call us at 0031 20 5234 600, press choice 2 and together, we can consider your options.
2. We would like to receive and process your request as soon as possible.

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Harbour Master Division- Port Office Department

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