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  1. News item 07-05-2018
    A World First in the Port of Amsterdam

    In the port of Amsterdam the construction has started of a new facility that will convert non-recyclable plastic into fuel for the transport sector, which will cut down CO₂ emission by 57,000 tonnes per year read more »

  2. News item 03-05-2018
    Smart building hub in the Port of Amsterdam optimises construction flows and relieves roads

    The growing number of construction projects in the Greater Amsterdam Area has created a need for a smart and efficient method for transporting materials to building sites. In an effort to meet this demand, the City of Amsterdam, Port of Amsterdam, Waternet and TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for... read more »

  3. News item 05-04-2018
    Odour Monitor Annual Report 2017

    The 41 eNoses currently installed around the Port were purchased by Port of Amsterdam and the Province of North Holland in 2015 in order to learn more about the sources that can potentially prompt complaints about odour. The North Sea Canal Area Environment Agency monitors eNoses and publishes an... read more »

  4. News item 26-02-2018
    Ports of San Pedro and Amsterdam aim at making the logistical cocoa chain more sustainable

    Port of Amsterdam International, a 100% subsidiary of Port of Amsterdam, and Port Autonome de San Pedro (Côte d’Ivoire) are going to exchange knowledge and stimulate trade between both ports. The focus for trade will lay on the shipment of cocoa. read more »

  5. Press release 26-01-2018
    Port of Amsterdam and Titan LNG sign long-term Rental Agreement

    Port of Amsterdam and Titan LNG have signed a long-term contract for the “home” location of Titan’s bunkering pontoon: the FlexFueler001. read more »

  6. Press release 11-01-2018
    Transhipment at North Sea Canal ports hits record of 100 million tonnes

    Transhipment at North Sea Canal ports hits record of 100 million tonnes read more »

  7. Press release 21-12-2017
    Emission-free vessels receive a 20% discount

    Inland navigation vessels with a zero-emission propulsion system receive a 20% discount on the inland harbour dues for the Amsterdam and Zaanstad port waters. read more »

  8. News item 13-12-2017
    Solar energy in the Port: right on track

    One of Port of Amsterdam’s targets – as set out in our Strategy 2017-2021 – is to install a total of 100,000 square metres of solar panels in the Port by the end of 2021. read more »

  9. Press release 09-11-2017
    AEB and Port of Amsterdam supply sustainable ship-to-shore power to vessels in Amsterdam

    Pilot project is first step towards digital market place for local sustainable power read more »

  10. Press release 01-11-2017
    Port of Amsterdam committed to reducing shipping emissions

    Clean Shipping Vision ambitious and progressive Port of Amsterdam aims to reduce shipping emissions and minimise the environmental impact of these emissions by working with the shipping sector. In its Clean Shipping Vision for 2030, the Port describes how it intends to achieve its sustainability... read more »