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  1. News item 09-05-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in May and June?

    In May and June, OpenIJ will be very busy with the sinking operation of the inner head (number 1 in the picture). Furthermore, work will also be carried out on the local control buildings (numbers 2 in the picture), on the connection between the lock gate chamber and the lock sill of the outer head... read more »

  2. News item 11-03-2019
    Strong example of sea lock technology: concrete reinforcement

    The new sea lock has to withstand enormous forces. To achieve this, hundreds of thousands of steel concrete reinforcement bars are installed. Gerrit van Hak, Project Manager with concrete reinforcement company Van Noordenne Wapeningsstaal, explained how this important process works. “We made three... read more »

  3. News item 11-03-2019
    Innovations in SHIP: mooring jetty, Technolab workshops, and exhibition

    Innovations have been introduced in SHIP over the past few months. Shipping company Jumelet has been granted a permit to use the mooring jetty near SHIP and will soon start a regular service from IJmuiden to SHIP and vice versa. Furthermore, Technolab, especially intended for young learners in... read more »

  4. News item 06-03-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in March and April?

    In March and April, work will be carried out to the exterior facade of the Lock Operation Centre (SOC) (number 1 in the picture); various engineering works will be carried out to complete the lock gates; construction activities are still being carried out to heighten the walls of the inner lock... read more »

  5. News item 20-01-2019
    First lock gate of the new sea lock has arrived at IJmuiden

    The first of a total of three lock gates for the new sea lock has arrived at IJmuiden today. The lock gate was towed by a tug across the North Sea to its final destination. On its way from South Korea to IJmuiden - with a stopover at Maasvlakte 2 - the lock gate has covered a total of more than 26,... read more »

  6. News item 07-01-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in January and February?

    The construction activities on the site of the new sea lock in IJmuiden are in full swing. More than 200,000 m3 of concrete have now been poured and still more will be poured in January and February, including concrete for the inner lock head (number 1 in the picture) and for the lock chamber (... read more »

  7. News item 12-11-2018
    Satisfied with the way we keep you informed? Please let us know!

    Rijkswaterstaat, OpenIJ building consortium and Port of Amsterdam would like to know your opinion about the way we keep you informed about the new sea lock at IJmuiden. read more »

  8. News item 12-11-2018
    Lock gates for the new sea lock are on their way

    Two weeks ago, the gates for the new sea lock at IJmuiden were loaded on a ship for transport from South Korea to the Netherlands. They are expected to arrive here in about two months. read more »

  9. News item 12-11-2018
    Three questions to Wouter Bulthuis of Rijkswaterstaat

    The new sea lock will be the largest sea lock in the world. This means that when the new lock will be used, more salt water will flow into the North Sea Canal. What is Rijkswaterstaat doing about the salt water? That is what we ask Wouter Bulthuis, Area Manager of the Selective Extraction of... read more »

  10. News item 12-11-2018
    Safety first

    Inspectors call the IJmond Sea Entrance Project an example project in the field of safety. All employees are involved in the well-established safety culture. This is the result of agreements between the client (Rijkswaterstaat) and the contractor (OpenIJ). Contract Manager Wop Schat of... read more »