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  1. News item 12-11-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in November and December?

    In the last two months of this year, OpenIJ will be busy with the installation of pipes and cables and with the construction of the road next to the guard wall (number 1 in the picture). Work also continues on the lock sill of the outer head (number 2 in the picture) and on the lock operating... lees meer »

  2. News item 02-10-2019
    Everybody satisfied?

    Are the local residents, companies and other interested parties satisfied with the information provision and with the communication around the IJmuiden new sea lock project? That is why Rijkswaterstaat and OpenIJ examine people's satisfaction every six months. The results of last May's online... lees meer »

  3. News item 02-10-2019
    Working below water level

    A small part of the work on the new sea lock at IJmuiden requires a special approach. In the case of the inside of the lock chamber, the work has to be carried out in the water and even below water level. For this work, building consortium OpenIJ uses a temporary cofferdam solution placed against... lees meer »

  4. News item 02-10-2019
    Safely entering the new sea lock

    Ships must be able to enter the new lock in a safe way. That is why works are being carried out on the west side of the new lock to realise a proper approach channel. Jasper Coremans, Project Coordinator of OpenIJ, explained what is being built or removed to realise this. lees meer »

  5. News item 02-10-2019
    Three questions for Planner Steven Krul

    The IJmuiden new sea lock will have no less than three lock control buildings. Why so many? And what work is left to be done before the lock operators can start working there? That is what we asked Planner Steven Krul of IBB Kondor. lees meer »

  6. News item 30-09-2019
    What will be the future of the IJmuiden North Lock?

    To answer this question, Rijkswaterstaat (the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) has called on parties to help think about this question and come up with innovative ideas. lees meer »

  7. News item 02-09-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in September and October?

    In the coming months, the space between the walls of the dividing dam (number 1 in the picture) and the walls of the northern part of the flood barrier (number 2 in the picture) will be filled with sand. Work is also underway on the foundation of the rails for the upper wheel carriages on the walls... lees meer »

  8. News item 02-07-2019
    The new sea lock - what's happening in July and August

    OpenIJ is continuing construction activities at the new sea lock during the summer months. These activities include the sinking operation of the inner lock head (number 1 in the picture), construction work to connect the dividing wall to the outer lock head (number 2 in the picture), and work on... lees meer »

  9. News item 11-06-2019
    Three questions to Steffan Haver of IBB Kondor

    The Lock Operation Centre (SOC) is almost finished. The outer facade of the main building has been completed. An emergency staircase and a steel platform will be installed after the summer. Shortly after the summer, the local control buildings will be clad with the same sturdy, ribbed facade as the... lees meer »

  10. News item 11-06-2019
    Letterbox cofferdam as connecting element

    The name says it all: the letterbox cofferdam is narrow and deep. OpenIJ hired a special crane to excavate it. The cofferdam is needed to connect the lock gate chamber with the lock sill of the outer head. Planning Engineer Rick Kleiterp explained what it is all about. lees meer »