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Real estate

  1. News item 26-10-2018
    Marqt and Picnic open last-mile delivery hub in Vervoerscentrum and Alfadriehoek

    The fact that the Vervoerscentrum and the Alfadriehoek are ideally located for last-mile delivery and urban distribution is being confirmed by a growing number of companies. Marqt and Picnic both opened a last-mile hub in the Port of Amsterdam on 1 October 2018. Last-mile delivery refers to the... lees meer »

  2. News item 28-09-2018
    Official opening of DHL Parcel Terminal Amsterdam

    The growth of DHL Parcel calls for greater and modern sorting capacity. This capacity must be at a location that is easily accessible and that forms an optimum operating base from which recipients can be reached quickly. DHL Parcel officially opened its new state-of-the-art sorting centre located... lees meer »

  3. News item 20-03-2018
    Groundbreaking ceremony for first pile Moermansk 400 and 500

    The first pile for the new Moermansk 400 & 500 developments was sunk during a groundbreaking ceremony on 8 March. The two new-build developments, undertaken by G&S Vastgoed, are located at the top of Moermanskkade, on the corner of Mercuriushaven and Minervahaven. lees meer »

  4. Press release 11-01-2018
    Transhipment at North Sea Canal ports hits record of 100 million tonnes

    Transhipment at North Sea Canal ports hits record of 100 million tonnes lees meer »

  5. News item 19-09-2017
    Solar Energy in the Port programme

    Have you ever considered installing solar panels on your company’s rooftop? Now is the time to make up your mind, as solar energy is more economical and easily accessible than ever: the SDE+ Dutch government subsidy, the new options for resupplying energy, and the ample experience of reliable... lees meer »

  6. News item 22-05-2017
    Climate-friendly building for ICTroom

    Serving as a hub in international data communications, the Netherlands is regarded as the Digital Gateway to Europe. lees meer »

  7. Press release 21-03-2017
    Construction begins on port site and seaport wharf for HoogTij business park

    The HoogTij business estate in the Municipality of Zaanstad is expanding its facilities with the addition of two new structures: a port site and a seaport wharf. lees meer »

  8. News item 04-10-2016
    The Atlas Park in the Port of Amsterdam earns an 'excellent' for advancements in sustainability

    The Port of Amsterdam has received the BREEAM NL area certificate for the Atlas Park in the Port of Amsterdam. BREAAM is the leading instrument for quantifying the sustainability of not only new and existing properties but whole area developments. The Atlas Park can now rightly claim to be an... lees meer »

  9. Press release 08-09-2015
    Amsterdam shortlisted for Port of the Year

    The Seatrade Awards are the most prestigious accolades in the cruise world. They are presented in different categories to cruise ports that are distinctive from their counterparts. Passenger Terminal Amsterdam has invested in facilities for crews over the past year. The crews of arriving cruise... lees meer »

  10. News item 22-01-2014
    Successful start for specialised cable storage company Oceanwind

    Oceanwind BV began offering cable storage and transhipment services for the offshore wind industry last year. With a start-up capacity of 4,000 tonnes, the storage facility on the site of MEO BV in the port of Velsen-Noord has immediately become the world’s largest independent cable storage... lees meer »