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Circular economy

  1. News item 21-10-2019
    Bio-based welding-gas production facility to open in the port of Amsterdam

    The US-based Taronis Fuels will be launching its first-ever production facility in Western Europe in the port of Amsterdam. The new site will be dedicated to the production of bio-based welding gas, a fuel type commonly used in the construction and shipbuilding industries. lees meer »

  2. News item 06-08-2019
    Recycled wood chips used to process new wood products

    The first ship carrying recycled wood chips to be processed into new wood products left Port of Amsterdam on Friday, 19 July. lees meer »

  3. News item 20-06-2019
    Film premiere on the plastic hub in the port of Amsterdam

    Plastic waste is a global problem. Its solution is found in the port of Amsterdam. Several companies have joined forces as a 'plastic hub' and are able to use new technologies and innovations to recycle and upcycle more and more types of plastic. lees meer »

  4. News item 10-05-2019
    IGES-Port of Amsterdam wins prestigious Sustainability Challenge Award

    The combination of proven technology with ground-breaking plastics-to-fuel patents developed by Integrated Green Energy Solutions (ASX:IGE) (IGES) in the Port of Amsterdam has won the 2019 IAPH World Ports Sustainability Awards in the Climate and Energy category. lees meer »

  5. News item 18-03-2019
    Port of Amsterdam at the World Bio Markets

    Come and meet us during World Bio Markets 2019 in Amsterdam, April 1-4 lees meer »

  6. News item 24-01-2019
    ‘There is a whole world to win by committing to circular business’

    ‘Raw materials are of immeasurable value, because they make our existence possible. In a good circular model, we appreciate this value. For instance, by asking ourselves whether we could use less raw materials to make things and also whether we might use “second-hand raw materials”. So what is... lees meer »

  7. News item 24-01-2019
    Clean the World recycles unused hotel soap and shampoo

    After working in the hotel sector for 20 years, Andres Fellenberg van der Molen of Clean The World experienced his Eureka moment: soap and hotel amenities, the soap and shampoo found in hotel bathrooms, needed to be recycled. What guests didn’t use was being thrown out and incinerated, whereas many... lees meer »

  8. News item 24-01-2019
    ‘A circular chemical industry allows us to take huge steps in making the economy more sustainable’

    ‘It is widely known that the energy transition, such as developments and applications in the areas of wind and solar energy, is contributing to making the economy more sustainable. The role and significance of biomass in contributing to making the economy more sustainable, however, is a hazier... lees meer »

  9. News item 24-01-2019
    Circular disrupts misguided linear system

    ‘For us, engaging in circular business means restoring balance in the world. That balance has been lost owing to the linear system in which raw materials are used only once and then discarded. A very misguided and expensive system, as raw materials are becoming depleted. This can and must change.’... lees meer »

  10. Press release 17-12-2018
    Amsterdam Port Plastic Hub continues to expand with arrival of new plant

    The circular plastics hub in the Port of Amsterdam is expanding through the construction of a new plastics recycling plant. Plastic Recycling Amsterdam (PRA), a collaboration between Umincorp and Milieu Service Nederland, commenced construction of a plant this week. This plant, which can be... lees meer »