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  1. News item 19-03-2020
    Working together to ensure an open port

    We have daily meetings with the port companies and business association ORAM about the developments and the impact on the operation of the companies. At these meetings, we ask whether and how we can help one another. lees meer »

  2. News item 19-03-2019
    Rail freight transport vital to Amsterdam port companies

    The rail freight transport breakfast session took place on Wednesday, 6 March 2018. Port of Amsterdam organised this session for clients and stakeholders who have an interest in rail freight transport. This is because the accessibility of rail freight transport in the Amsterdam port area is not a... lees meer »

  3. Press release 10-01-2019
    Port of Amsterdam sets new transhipment record in 2018

    Port of Amsterdam achieved a new transhipment record in 2018 with transhipment totalling 82.3 million tonnes, compared to 81.3 million tonnes in the previous year. Together with the other ports in the North Sea Canal Area, total transhipment consequently amounted to 101.8 million tonnes in 2018. lees meer »

  4. Press release 02-03-2018
    Samskip launches container liner service between Amsterdam and Hull

    Transport company Samskip is introducing a liner service between Amsterdam and Hull, England. With effect from mid-March, a container ship will sail between the two locations three times a week and the carrier will provide additional multimodal transport services to the hinterland by inland... lees meer »

  5. Press release 11-01-2018
    Transhipment at North Sea Canal ports hits record of 100 million tonnes

    Transhipment at North Sea Canal ports hits record of 100 million tonnes lees meer »

  6. News item 22-12-2017
    Hutchison Ports Acquires 50% stake in TMA Logistics B.V.

    Hutchison Ports has acquired a 50% shareholding in TMA Logistics B.V. (“TMA”). lees meer »

  7. Press release 01-11-2017
    Two businesses at HoogTij

    CTVrede and Gam BAKKER go for plug & play industrial estate The first installations at the newly developed HoogTij industrial estate using the plug & play concept are now a reality. Container terminal CTVrede Steinweg and logistics services provider Gam BAKKER will move to the industrial... lees meer »

  8. News item 28-07-2017
    Amsterdam to introduce container tariff for Inland Harbour Dues

    incentive for inland container vessels lees meer »

  9. News item 22-06-2017
    Port of Amsterdam all set for LME packages

    The arrival of two Gantry ship-to-shore cranes in the Port of Amsterdam today will see a long-held wish of the Port become a reality: strengthening the position of the terminals in the ferrous and nonferrous metal markets for both short and deep-sea cargo. lees meer »

  10. News item 27-06-2016
    Successful test at VCK Logistics with Joloda system

    The One Shot Container Loading system provides Joloda customers the ability to also load heavy and long packages into a conventional container in stead of an open top container. Packages with lengths between 3 and 13 meters are easily slid into the container in one go (One Shot). An efficient and... lees meer »