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Dry bulk

  1. News item 19-03-2020
    Working together to ensure an open port

    We have daily meetings with the port companies and business association ORAM about the developments and the impact on the operation of the companies. At these meetings, we ask whether and how we can help one another. lees meer »

  2. News item 11-03-2019
    ICL Fertilizers opens new installation for phosphate recycling

    ICL Fertilizers opened a new installation during an event on 7 March that will allow the company to use phosphorus waste as a source for the large-scale production of phosphate fertilizers. This will help ICL, which is based on the Fosfaatweg (in Dutch meaning Phosphate Road, which is not entirely... lees meer »

  3. Press release 06-01-2016
    Transhipment NSC ports down 1% in 2015

    Transhipment in IJmuiden rose to 17.9 million tonnes (+2%). Zaanstad and Beverwijk saw transhipment increase to 340,000 tonnes (+47%) and 343,000 tonnes (+44%) respectively. lees meer »

  4. Press release 26-06-2015
    Expansion of agribulk storage in Port of Amsterdam

    IGMA will use the lot with a surface area of more than 37,000 m2 for storage and transhipment of agri products such as soy and maize for its clients. These products are supplied to IGMA by various large shipping companies, mainly from South America. lees meer »

  5. News item 10-02-2015
    ICL opens European head office in Amsterdam

    Port of Amsterdam is delighted that ICL has chosen to locate its new head office in Amsterdam. Port of Amsterdam CEO Dertje Meijer says the fact that ICL already has activities in the port of Amsterdam means it is well acquainted with Amsterdam’s strengths as a logistics hot spot. ‘There are very... lees meer »

  6. News item 18-11-2014
    Port of Amsterdam wins IBJ Award 2016; Best Specialist Dry Bulk Port

    Port of Amsterdam received the IBJ Award 2016 for ‘Best Specialist Dry Bulk Port’ lees meer »

  7. News item 17-11-2014
    New storage space and high capacity weighbridge for H. Blom & Zonen

    Family business H. Blom & Zonen doesn’t stand still. After a few months of brain and construction work their new storage space is a fact and operational. Furthermore, in the same week a weighbridge with a 60 tonnes capacity was delivered. With this additional facility H. Blom & Sons now is... lees meer »

  8. News item 27-10-2014
    Port of Amsterdam represented at Brazil's largest bio energy event

    Brazil’s sugarcane bioethanol production is the second largest in the world - after the United States. The global discussion regarding the use of food crops for fuel accelerates the research into the use of the residue for so called ‘second generation fuel’. With that, Brazil is an important market... lees meer »

  9. News item 24-09-2014
    Concrete manufacturer Struyk Verwo expands in port of Amsterdam

    Concrete manufacturer Struyk Verwo signed a long lease agreement for the expansion of its grounds. Struyk produces paving materials in particular and is the sole supplier to the City of Amsterdam. lees meer »

  10. News item 16-10-2013
    ECE 2013: much interest in expansion rail connections European hinterland

    On 10 and 11 October Paris was the hosting city for Europe’s largest agribulk exhibition: European Commodities Exchange 2013. Overmeer Transport Group and Port of Amsterdam attended the exhibition with a joint stand, in which port of Amsterdam based companies Igma, OBA, CWT Commodities and Maja... lees meer »