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  1. News item 20-06-2019
    Expansion of inland shipping freight bundling in North West Central Corridor

    The inland terminals CTU in Lelystad, HOV Harlingen and Westerman Multimodal Logistics in Hasselt joined the North West Central Corridor in June. This partnership of deep-sea terminals, inland terminals and inland shipping companies on the Amsterdam-Utrecht-Rotterdam route was established in... lees meer »

  2. News item 25-03-2019
    Berths for inland shipping in Afrikahaven now operational

    Several new berths have been added for inland shipping in the mouth of the Afrikahaven. The berths, which became operational last week, are specially designed for tankers carrying flammable materials (marked by a blue cone symbol). The addition of the new berths became necessary when the existing... lees meer »

  3. News item 26-07-2018
    Adjustment lock passage regime in IJmuiden

    Because of the ongoing period of drought, and on the advice of the National Water Coordination Committee, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management has switched to the so called KWA scenario (‘Klimaatbestendige Wateraanvoer’). lees meer »

  4. News item 30-05-2018
    Nationwide degassing ban for inland navigation vessels

    A nationwide degassing ban for inland navigation tankers is to be introduced in the Netherlands. lees meer »

  5. News item 21-12-2017
    Port of Amsterdam tariffs to rise 1.11% in 2018

    With the approval of the port business organisation ORAM, Port of Amsterdam has decided to increase its port tariffs by 1.11% in 2018 lees meer »

  6. News item 08-11-2017
    Change in options menu for Amsterdam Harbour Master’s Division

    Starting at 10:00 p.m. on 11 November, you will be presented with a different options menu when you call the Harbour Master’s Division at Port of Amsterdam. lees meer »

  7. News item 02-11-2017
    Amsterdam-Zaanstad inland harbour dues:one counter, one statement, one rather than two payments and uniform tariffs

    The Municipality of Zaanstad and Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV collaborate closely in making the port area more appealing to clients and users. For this reason, the Zaanstad and Amsterdam port waters will be merged into a single port area for commercial inland navigation vessels on 1 January 2018.... lees meer »

  8. Press release 11-09-2017
    Single service desk for commercial vessels and river cruise ships in Amsterdam-Zaanstad area

    Port of Amsterdam and Municipality of Zaanstad expand their partnership lees meer »

  9. News item 28-07-2017
    Amsterdam to introduce container tariff for Inland Harbour Dues

    incentive for inland container vessels lees meer »

  10. News item 27-07-2017
    Temporary mooring facility for charter sailboats on De Ruijterkade

    Charter sailboats calling on Amsterdam with the purpose of letting their passengers embark and disembark or stay overnight as part of a boat trip or cruise will have access to interior Wharf 14 located on De Ruijterkade for the next four months, subject to certain regulations. lees meer »