Yachting: Plan your visit

Welcome to our Port and the Amsterdam region. Here you will find everything you need to know for your visit to Amsterdam.

Would you during your sailing trip all relevant information about what you will encounter or need to know?

Read the flyer here and go to www.riverguide.eu to download the RiverGuide Recreant App (only available in Dutch). 


What to do in the event of an accident

  • Notify the Port of Amsterdam traffic control via radiotelephone.
  • For urgent assistance in life-threatening situations, call 112.
  • See overview of regional medical services for other medical services.


  • Please be aware that the waterways are also used by commercial vessels.

  • Please ensure that you know the navigation rules. Visit varendoejesamen.nl (Safe boating! website) to be sure.

  • Look up your route in so-called ‘Junction Booklets’ which describe the most important waterway junctions in each region. You can download these booklets for free on varendoejesamen.nl.

  • Check to see if there is anything obstructing your passage through the sea lock at IJmuiden, Amsterdam’s canals or regional waterways before you leave.

  • Pay attention to signs saying what ports are not accessible to recreational vessels.

  • A visit to the Port is not free. Payment can be made via the Waternet website or at one of the marinas.

  • Make sure you understand which are the correct radiotelephony channels to use in particular circumstances.

Your visit

  • View the marinas in the Amsterdam region.
  • For rates, conditions and practical information related to your visit, check the Waternet website.
  • For example, the Brazilië shopping centre on the Veemkade is convenient for shopping and is easily accessible by boat.