ISPS-certification for your port facility

Do you wish to receive ships subject to the ISPS code (i.e. international sea-going ships of 500 tons or more) at your port facility? In that case, your port facility must be ISPS-certified in accordance with the Port Security Act (in Dutch). ISPS certification involves a security assessment (risk analysis) by an evaluation team. On the basis of that security assessment, measures must be taken and implemented and described in a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP)


How to apply for ISPS certification

You can apply for ISPS certification in four steps.

Step 1: Application
The first step in the certification procedure is to submit an application or reapplication for certification. Please use the following Application Form (in Dutch). If you send us an email, we will supply you with an upload link via ShareFile. Please upload the filled out Application Form and the latest version of your Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP) through our secure Files Service.

Step 2: Security Assessment
The evaluation team will then carry out a security assessment (risk analysis) of your facility. This involves an assessment of your Port Facility Security Plan and security measures in the light of relevant legislation. The evaluation team will also visit your facility. On the basis of the information supplied by you and the result of the evaluation, the evaluation team will make the security assessment. The security assessment is a Decree on behalf of the competent authority (the Mayor of your Municipality). We will send you the results, consisting of the results of the safety assessment and an action list with improvements to be implemented.

Step 3: Improvements
You must update your Port Facility Security Plan and security measures on the basis of the security assessment and the action list. Please send us the updated version of your Port Facility Security Plan including an overview of the improvements once they have been implemented. You can use the same upload link as before.

Step 4: Certification
The improvements will be checked by the evaluation team. If the evaluation team agrees with the modifications, it will advise the competent authority to issue the certificate. The certificate will be valid for a maximum period of five years. In some cases your certification will be valid for a shorter period. The evaluation team will always explain the reasons for a shorter period.

Should you have any questions about the certification procedure, please send us an email or contact the Harbour Master's Division.


Your requirements are the following

As a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO), you are required to conduct security plan drills and exercises. A guideline has been issued on this topic. The guideline describes what is expected from you and how you should comply with the exercise requirements.

Download the Guideline for ISPS exercises (in Dutch).

Any security incident on your terminal (the cutting of a fence, for instance) must be reported as soon as possible. Non-urgent incidents should be reported to the National Police Force on telephone number +31 900 88 44. For urgent incidents, call the emergency number 112. In both cases, the incident must also be reported to the Port Security Supervisors via If your facility is no longer able to handle in accordance with the procedures stated in your Port Facility Security Plan, you should report that to the Port Security Supervisors via telephone number +312 0523 4802.


Legislation and Information

More information about ISPS related legislation is given on the following pages:


ISPS approved terminals

An overview of ISPS certified terminals is given on Please create a free account here.

Port ID Nummers

Port Port ID UN Locator
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