Shore power and Generator ban

Port of Amsterdam has placed shore power connections for inland shipping and passenger ships at various berths. This is good for the environment and also prevents shore-based power noise pollution.


You can only use shore power after registering. To receive shore power, please follow these steps:

1. Register at

2. Register via your mobile telephone with your own unique code or as part of your subscription. 

3. Connect your own power cable to the control point. You will have power immediately after registering.

4. The power supply stops immediately after you log-off.


The benefits of registration:

You only pay for the actual power used per kWh/h.

Each month you will receive an overview so that you know exactly how much power has been supplied to you.

After registration, you will be able to use shore power at several ports in the Netherlands.


On the port map, you will find all of the shore-based power points and connections per point.


Generator ban:

In order to prevent sound and odour nuisance, there are designated areas in the port of Amsterdam where you are not allowed to run a generator.


Please check the port map for the areas where this ban applies.