Inland vessel waste

View the drop-off points and rules for your waste:


Oil and fatty ship-generated waste.

Waste from the engine room, including:

  • bilge water
  • waste oil and fat
  • filters
  • used cleaning rags
  • miscellaneous

You can drop off your waste with a collector who has a contract with the SAB Marine Service Ltd.

Other ship-generated waste

For example:

  • garbage
  • waste water
  • slop from bilges and tanks
  • non-oily waste types, including small hazardous waste such as batteries

You can drop off your waste with a collector who has a contract with the SAB Marine Service Ltd or at one of the port reception facilities.

At the car lot area at Haparandadam in the Houthavens, is a collection point for used garbage, paper and glass. The garbage container can be operated with a SAB card with zero rate (also called ecocard) of the Stichting Scheepsafvalstoffen en Vaardocumenten Binnenvaart. The glass and paper container will be accessible without the use of this card.

Do you need our assistance?

Is your situation not listed or do you have other concerns? Please contact the Inspections contact point at the Port office. There, we would be happy to help you further.

Waste from loading

Loading waste may occur when handling and during the transport of dry and liquid cargo.


The recipient or sender of the load is responsible for the cost of cleaning the holds and gangways after unloading. The transshipment facility will inform you at which collectors or port reception facility you must deposit the waste or wash water. 

As skipper, you are responsible for the method of cleaning and the amount of waste unloaded. By way of a compulsory discharge statement, you must be able to demonstrate that you have fulfilled your responsibility  in regards to waste; you will be asked to show this to the supervisor representing the Harbour Master.