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04-06-2020/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Publication of the Decree adopting Passing Distances to LNG Bunker ships engaged in LNG bunkering operations 2020/21
13-05-2020/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Adoption of the maximum speed on the North Sea Canal and the Afgesloten IJ up to the 2020/20
01-06-2020 to 16-08-2020 IJmuiden locks Works in the Middenbinnentoeleidingskanaal (the inner approach channel to the IJmuiden 2020/19
06-05-2020/Undetermined IJmuiden Approach Protocol Coronavirus for marine traffic 2020/18
28-04-2020/Undetermined Amsterdam Noordzeekanaalgebied Repeal of the Sail 2020 Announcement 2020/17

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Availability of berths

The port of Amsterdam has over 450,000 m2 of public berths for inland shipping. Are you looking for a suitable berth? See the Riverguide app for current availability. This app also provides detailed information about bridges or locks, clearance heights, operating times, VHF channels and telephone numbers. Everything you need to plan a trip is clearly visible on one screen.

RiverGuide app


Overview of facilities

Inland shipping can make use of various facilities to ensure a smooth and pleasant visit to the port of Amsterdam. Examples include free parking, domestic waste containers, drinking water and ship-to-shore power. Information about all facilities can be found both on a map and in alphabetical order.

Facilities on the map

Alphabetical facilities 



Inland harbour dues

For a visit to the port of Amsterdam, you pay inland harbour dues just as you would at other ports. This is your admission ticket to the port area and the various facilities and services.

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Notification, authorisation and exemption

In some cases, it is necessary to file a report or apply for a permit or exemption. This could apply in the case of special cargo or certain work on a ship. You can easily report this digitally or apply for a permit or an exemption.

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Stay informed

Would you like to keep up with the latest inland shipping developments? Subscribe free of charge to our newsletter for inland shipping which is published 4 times a year. See the latest news below. This helps you to stay informed about developments affecting inland shipping via Port of Amsterdam.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to Amsterdam! To register your ship, we ask you to create an account via ‘Binnenhavengeld’. You can also use this to pay your inland harbour dues. You can plan your route using the Riverguide app. This app provides information including the current availability of berths in the port of Amsterdam. See the website of Port of Amsterdam, inland shipping section, for the other facilities.

The Riverguide app shows the current availability of berths for inland shipping. Use this app to locate the most suitable berth for you.


The port of Amsterdam has no fewer than 17 free car parks. At most locations there is room for several cars. See the map for free parking spaces. The rates of the Parking Policy of the City of Amsterdam apply to the spaces in the Eastern port area and in Amsterdam.


In the port of Amsterdam there are 4 places with waste containers where you can dispose of your waste free of charge using an eco card. See the map for the exact locations. Don't have an eco card? Read how to easily apply for one, free of charge.


Unfortunately, most seagoing vessels cannot yet be connected to ship-to-shore power. International ship-to-shore power is not yet the standard for these vessels, which is why they generally do not yet have these connections. But we are also working hard on solutions for these vessels to make this possible in the future.  


If you are staying in the port of Amsterdam, you as a commercial inland shipping company are obliged to pay inland harbour dues. This is similar to paid parking. We check whether inland shipping vessels that have been sighted in the port area have submitted declarations. We are currently working on the further automation of the declaration with the aim of making it as easy as possible. Examples include an option to log in and out yourself or fully automatically with the aid of trackers or AIS. We'll keep you posted. Or stay informed automatically by subscribing to the inland shipping e-mail newsletter.


Yes, you can. You can change or cancel the declaration up to 28 days after arrival. Login to to view all of your declarations in a single overview. It is indicated whether each declaration can still be changed or cancelled. If a declaration still falls within the 28-day period, you can change it by clicking on the 'View' button. You will then be taken to the detail screen of the declaration where you have the option to change or cancel it.

Contact team Binnenhavengeld via +31 (0)20 5234623. Our employees can be reached on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. and will be pleased to help you. Outside these hours you can submit questions via



We are happy with you as a customer

Port of Amsterdam is very happy with you as a customer and aims to continuously optimise its services. Your opinion is very important to us. How satisfied are you with us? And what could be better? We love feedback! Please click on the yellow feedback button on the right and let us know what can be improved. Thank you for your feedback! We’ll put it straight to use.

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