Berth permit IJhaven

Permit to berth in Article 3.3 of the Regional Port Bye-laws North Sea Canal Area 2019.

Ligplaats palen

Conditions for obtaining a permit

This permit shall be subject to the following conditions:

  • Only for active inland navigation vessels (cargo vessels) registered with the Chamber of Commerce
  • This permit is available on a quarterly basis by ship's name
  • Only in the IJhaven (Java and Veemkade) at the designated berths
  • The ship is already moored
  • The ship is moored along the quay and not alongside another ship
  • Maximum mooring time 28 days
  • No blue cone
  • Max. length 110 metres
  • Generator ban
  • No hotel activities
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, on the first instruction of the harbour master, recovery

Application form for mooring permit IJhaven

Do you meet the conditions? Then fill in the form below to obtain a berth permit. Please note that the permit may end up in your spam box.

Maximum 110 metres.
Name quay
From start date maximum 3 weeks.