Car parking

You may park your car free of charge at various locations in the Amsterdam port area. Complimentary parking is available at:


Red = berths for ships with hazardous substances
Green = berths for other ships

1. Noordzeekanaalweg
2. Westpoortweg
3. Ruigoordweg
4. Oceanenweg
5. Aziehavenweg
6. Hornweg
7. Hornweg
8. Stromboliweg
9. Capriweg
10. Mainhavenweg
11. Westhavenweg
12. Westhavenweg
13. Westhavenweg
14. Benzolweg
15. Petroleumhavenweg
16. Nieuwe Hemweg
17. Benzolweg / Nieuwe Hemweg


If you park your car elsewhere, please be advised of the City of Amsterdam’s paid parking policy.

The paid parking zones are shown on the following website: