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Request for Expressions of Interest (EoI) for potential users of the
foreseen Athos CO2 transport and storage system


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Background information

Background information

The Athos Consortium (TATA Steel, Port of Amsterdam, Gasunie, EBN)  is set up with the aim to develop a CO2 transport and storage network in the North Sea Canal (the canal from the port of Amsterdam to the North Sea at IJmuiden) Area, that enables the utilisation and storage of large volumes of CO2 (see artist impression). The project with the aim to develop such a network is called the Athos Project.

The network could comprise of onshore CO2-transport pipelines, offshore storage facilities, and exit- and feed-in points for companies directly connected to the network or those that are connected via other forms of CO2 transport.

The Athos project has been initiated to contribute to achieving the climate targets of the Dutch government, the ambitions under the Paris Agreement and the climate ambitions of the Athos Consortium. However, Expressions of Interest from companies regarding locations outside of the Netherlands are also welcomed.

Aim of this request for Expressions of Interest

The aim of this request for mutually non-binding Expressions of Interest, is to determine which companies have a serious interest in using the foreseen Athos transport and storage network in order to store captured CO2 and/or make CO2 available for usage as a feedstock, or use CO2 as a feedstock. This as a first step towards a Joint Development Agreement anticipated in the course of 2020.

The Expression of Interest contains several questions in order to get a better understanding of the potential fit of the responding companies with the foreseen network. A more detailed questionnaire will be provided after mutual interest is established.

Costs and confidentiality

The Athos Consortium does not in any way compensate any costs that may be associated with this EoI process. Without agreements that state otherwise, the provided information can be used freely by EBN, Gasunie and Port of Amsterdam for the purpose of the Athos project. Claims concerning the use of the provided information or requests for reimbursement for providing the information will not granted. Please note that the collected EoI questionnaire responses will not be shared with third parties outside of the EBN, Gasunie and Port of Amsterdam organizations. Tata Steel Ijmuiden N.V. is an Athos consortium partner and also a potential user of the foreseen network. It will not have access to the information provided by other potential users.

A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed with companies that are asked to fill out the detailed questionnaire as follow-up on the EoI.

Request Athos

Deadline and communication

Please send your Expression of Interest before 31 December 2019 to
If you have any questions regarding this EoI process you can send these to the same e-mail address or contact Mrs Telehala-Wieringa from Gasunie,  at +31-631037417.