Innovation Expo 2018: Global challenges, Dutch solutions. 4 October 2018

Innovation Expo 2018

Welcome to the Innovation Expo 2018 on October 4th:

Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions.


The Innovation Expo 2018 is open to visitors from 09.00 a.m. until 08.00 p.m. The bustling expo hall (closing at 06.00 p.m.) features a host of interesting and amazing innovations for you to enjoy throughout the day. In addition, you may participate in in-depth substantive sessions. Furthermore, three keynote sessions will be held during the day, which you can attend on the plenary grandstand or watch on screens located elsewhere on the RDM premises.


Taking innovations further, realising breakthroughs, and thus contributing to the social challenges we are facing in our country and in the world. That is the ambition of the Innovation Expo 2018 (IE2018) in Rotterdam. On 4 October 2018, the RDM Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam South will be transformed into one big Living Lab. Here, in these dynamic surroundings, participants in the IE2018 will experience the latest trends and innovations that help to keep our country safe, liveable, and accessible.

The IE2018 is a sample sheet of the most recent and high-profile developments that the Netherlands has to offer. We will present Dutch solutions to the major social challenges in the fields of the circular economy, energy, water, mobility, the built-up environment, health, and food, as well as the required enabling technologies.