World's first port terminal lit by LEDs

Press release

Rietlanden Terminals BV has the world's first terminal to be illuminated entirely by high-power LEDs. This was also made possible by Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV. The resulting energy savings make the port's lighting installation unique.

The Port of Amsterdam sees LED lighting as a wonderful innovation for giving shape to sustainability targets, for the port as well as its customers. The energy savings amount to around 60% vis-à-vis existing lighting solutions, also thanks to the dimmable light fixtures. Moreover, the white light increases safety, which in turn improves working conditions. There is an environmental benefit too, as the light is less diffused.

Increasing sustainability

Using LED lighting is an excellent example of how to increase sustainability and fits in well with the ambitions of the Port of Amsterdam and its partners. Rietlanden Terminals was awarded a grant from the Port of Amsterdam Sustainability and Innovation Fund for the LED lighting installation. Port of Amsterdam's CFO, Ed Nieuwenhuizen: “This is an excellent example of a sustainable application that not only saves energy but improves safety too.” Managing Director of Rietlanden Terminals, Karl Schot: “Our energy bill will drop and with this approach we're also helping to increase sustainability in the port area.”

LED is sustainable

An LED is a semiconductor component which emits light when a current passes through it in the conducting direction. The abbreviation ‘LED’ stands for light-emitting diode.
An LED last much longer than a normal energy-saving lamp. It is also more economical in use and so more sustainable.

About Rietlanden Terminals BV

Rietlanden Terminals is an ambitious, high-quality company which carries out clean storage and transhipment operations while following safe working practices with respect for the applicable legislation and regulations. With its three large terminals (a total area of 60 hectares), five floating cranes and various kinds of on-shore equipment, Rietlanden Terminals takes care of the transit, storage and handling of dry bulk and scrap metal at the Port of Amsterdam. Rietlanden Terminals is capable of efficiently loading and unloading all types of ships from inland navigation vessels to cape-size vessels. The high-quality service is based on quality, flexibility and reliability. Rietlanden Terminals is characterised by its performance orientation, responsibility, initiative, respect for each other and transparency, as well as an awareness of its social responsibility.