Wednesday, 27 September: Final of Amsterdam Circular Challenge

Press release

6 finalists to pitch their innovative ideas at Clean Challenge Event

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 25 September 2017Of the 31 entries received for the Amsterdam Circular Challenge, the six most high-potential start-ups have been selected for the Clean Challenge Event scheduled for 27 September. These start-ups will be presenting their innovative plans at this event to the management of Port of Amsterdam, Waternet and AEB Amsterdam, plus an external expert judging panel chaired by Jacqueline Cramer. The winners will also be announced at this event.

The organisers of the Circular Challenge asked the participating start-ups to answer questions such as: ‘How do you create valuable resources from available waste and material flows originating in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, including water purification sludge, organic waste (i.e. fruit, vegetable and garden waste) or paper?’ and: ‘How can you upgrade carbon released during waste incineration or water purification processes such that it can serve as a resource for product manufacture or industrial processes?’

These are the six finalists:

  • BIOeCON has developed a new technology that enables biomass from waste flows generated by agriculture, forestry and other land uses to be converted into chemical ingredients or fuel more efficiently and economically.
  • Gensos is developing a process that facilitates the more effective conversion of wet biomass (purification sludge) into biogas. The company states that the technology generates up to 50% more biogas than currently available methods.
  • Catalytic Innovations has developed an electrochemical technology which can convert previously captured and retained greenhouse gas into oxygen and alcohol.
  • ANTECY has developed a process for capturing carbon and using it as an ingredient in the production of methanol and other compounds.
  • Circular IQ specialises in the analysis of sustainability data.
  • Excess Materials Exchange is a digital marketplace where companies can trade their surpluses of products and materials.

Clean Challenge Event

The six best start-ups will be pitching their ideas at the Clean Challenge Event on 27 September. The judging panel, headed by Jacqueline Cramer, will be announcing the winners at the same event. They will receive the following:

  • A temporary free workspace in the Prodock innovation hub in the Amsterdam port area
  • Access to essential resources (raw material flows/data/carbon)
  • Access to a partner network, including potential clients
  • Support in raising external funds and applying for subsidies and grants

International nature

In order to reach as many start-ups as possible, Clean Capital has requested Rockstart and Climate-KIC to supervise this challenge. Rockstart maintains an extensive network of start-ups in the Greater Amsterdam Area, while Climate-KIC bills itself as the ‘European community for climate innovation’, running an incubator with which a total of 800 start-ups from all over Europe are affiliated.

About Clean Capital

Clean Capital is a partnership between AEB Amsterdam, Waternet and Port of Amsterdam.
Their stated objective is to boost the circular economy in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, which is necessary because natural resources are becoming depleted and there is a growing call for renewable energy. This requires innovations related to sustainable energy and the recovery of resources from waste. Clean Capital start-ups located in the port area benefit from the area’s innovative climate, its high potential due to the presence of large quantities of residuals and waste, and its industrial scale size.

For further information about the Amsterdam Circular Challenge, please visit or contact

Port of Amsterdam: Anja de Kiewit, Press Officer, +31 (0)6 8316 4880
AEB: Caroline van der Veeken, Press Officer, +3 (0)6 4510 8074
Waternet: Simone Berkhout, Press Officer, +31 (0)6 1070 4401