Two businesses at HoogTij

Press release
Hoogtij eerste paal slaan

CTVrede and Gam BAKKER go for plug & play industrial estate

The first installations at the newly developed HoogTij industrial estate using the plug & play concept are now a reality. Container terminal CTVrede Steinweg and logistics services provider Gam BAKKER will move to the industrial estate developed by the Port of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Zaanstad and Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Haventerrein Westzaan B.V. The piles for the new buildings were sunk into the ground on Monday.

Spring this year kicked off with the installation of a new seaport quay, the building of the Kanaaldijk along the North Sea Canal and the accelerated construction of 10 hectares of industrial land ready for construction via the plug & play concept. This removes concerns of businesses and offers them certainty. The development of HoogTij will boost the competitive position of the North Sea Canal Area. This is an attractive location for logistics services providers, given its waterside location and proximity to exit roads.

CTVrede, with two terminals in Zaandam and Amsterdam, will now have a third facility on the North Sea Canal with its terminal at HoogTij. With these terminals, CTVrede fulfils a facilitating role as a container storage and transhipment business for shipping companies in the north of the Netherlands. CTVrede can handle both domestic and short-sea shipping with its new location at HoogTij, Bas Gort of CTVrede: ‘For us, the location at HoogTij allows us to offer a new concept to industry in the Zaan area and beyond. By placing the warehouses directly behind the crane, following the example of the old-fashioned stevedores, we can eliminate the last mile in the logistics chain. The cooperation with Gam BAKKER at HoogTij is the first excellent example of this. From our location at HoogTij we can offer optimal service, as well as removing pressure on a number of traffic routes.’

The second business is Gam BAKKER, a logistics services provider. This will be the first facility for this company in the port area. Gam BAKKER also has a location at Agriport in Middenmeer, an area bordering the A7 motorway. It will also take two hectares. Eric Steltenpool of Gam BAKKER: ‘Our expansion into HoogTij will mean we have a permanent facility at a top logistics location. We are a business that is always looking for new opportunities and innovations. This development is a perfect fit with our vision for the future.’

In Port of Amsterdam’s ground lease portfolio

HoogTij is part of Port of Amsterdam’s ground lease portfolio. The focus of operations for the port area is on businesses that facilitate large wind-turbine parks in the North Sea (off-shore related companies) and logistics companies. The area is also suitable for companies involved in heavier environmental categories, such as those engaged in the circular economy. Port of Amsterdam also intends to experiment with plug & play warehousing, an innovative concept that meets the demand for more flexible storage of seasonal goods and commodities purchased forward. The HoogTij industrial estate is a project involving the Municipality of Zaanstad, Port of Amsterdam and the province of North Holland.