Substantial expansion of the storage of hazardous substances in the Amsterdam/Schiphol region

Press release

Press release through: CJHendriks Group
Photo: Paul Daumas

CJHendriks Group will open its new warehouse for packaged hazardous goods on 15 November. With a warehouse of 6700m2, CJHendriks Group is considerably expanding the storage of these substances.

In the region around Amsterdam and Schiphol there is limited storage capacity for so-called PGS15 substances. These hazardous substances are substances that are used in the automotive and chemical industries, but also occur in care products and foodstuffs. Historically, storage often takes place around Rotterdam, but with the arrival of this new warehouse, the capacity in the Amsterdam/Schiphol region has increased considerably.

Femke Brenninkmeijer, director of Energy, Cargo & Offshore Port of Amsterdam: 'With the new PGS15 warehouse, CJHendriks Group is facilitating the increasing demand for specialist storage in our region. Widening the range of logistics services in the region will improve the business climate. With this in mind, we see the expansion at CJHendriks Group as an important development in our region. We are proud that this Amsterdam company is making a major investment in the Amsterdam port area and is thus helping to build the future'.

In March 2018, the first pile went into the ground and after more than 1.5 years of construction, there is a 'state-of-the-art' building, which is climate neutral and has a flexible layout. The warehouse is equipped with a CO2 extinguishing system that has been specially installed to protect goods in the event of a fire. By extinguishing with CO2, oxygen is displaced. The major advantage of a CO2 extinguishing system is that when used, no damage is caused to the stored goods and no residues are left behind that could affect the goods. In addition, the extinguishing system is very effective and fast.

The goods stored are subject to strict requirements in terms of safety, the environment, working conditions and quality. CJHendriks Group has extensive experience in this area and has the permits to store and transport dangerous goods.

PGS15 substances are part of or are used in products from:

  • Chemical industry: raw materials and end products for the graphic industry, for example for paint and printing ink, the agricultural sector (nutrients) and aviation and shipping, for example lubricating oils and adhesives and their components.
  • Consumers and personal care products: aerosols such as deodorants and alcohol-containing products.
  • Motor vehicles: batteries and liquids