Single port management system for Rotterdam and Amsterdam ports

Press release

On 29 August, the harbour masters of the Ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam began using a single port management system for the administration, guidance and inspection of ships calling into their ports. The new system, HaMIS, will raise the quality and functionality of port management and shipping information to a higher level, while reducing costs at the same time.

The partnership between the two global ports will help promote safe and efficient shipping. The growth of the Rotterdam and Amsterdam ports has created a need for higher-quality information exchange, and the new HaMIS system will standardise processes in the two ports. It will also become significantly easier for them than before to exchange information, thereby reducing administrative expenses and preventing double checks – all resulting in a more customer-friendly system.

Port of Amsterdam Harbour Master Janine van Oosten: ‘HaMIS fulfils an important need, namely for our combined ports to share information with each other about ships calling into the port and provide a more user-friendly system for all users. HaMIS epitomises the excellent cooperation between the Rotterdam and Amsterdam harbour masters and their respective divisions.’

René de Vries, Harbour Master of the Port of Rotterdam: ‘I am very pleased that the two largest ports in the Netherlands are now using the same communication system. It shows that our operational processes are increasingly being standardised, from which both our ports stand to benefit.’

Developed by the Port of Rotterdam, HaMIS (short for ‘Harbour Master Management Information System’) has replaced the previous system used by the Port of Amsterdam, Pontis. One significant improvement brought by HaMIS is its interactive port map, which allows users to live-track all shipping activities in the port. By simply clicking on a vessel, the Harbour Master and Harbour Master’s Division can access all the available information linked to the vessel and its call in the port.

About Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam is Western Europe’s fourth largest port and plays a large role in the transhipment and processing of energy products. The North Sea Canal Area transhipped more than 97 million tonnes of goods in 2014, with Port of Amsterdam accounting for approximately 80 million tonnes of this amount. A total of 60,000 people work in the port region either at companies in the port or at port-related companies. Approximately 34,000 of these people work in Amsterdam. Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV is committed to being a smart port and to adding value for customers and the environs in a sustainable and innovative manner. It seeks to promote growth at companies, while still taking a careful approach to the available space and the quality of water, soil and air. As port of partnerships, Port of Amsterdam is committed to intensive collaboration with partners in the business community, city and region. For more information, please visit:

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Operating from the largest port in Europe, the Port of Rotterdam aims to strengthen the port’s competitive position as a world-class logistics and industrial hub in terms of both size and quality. The core activities of the Port of Rotterdam are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port and the safe and efficient handling of inbound and outbound vessels.

Facts and figures of the Port of Rotterdam and the Rotterdam harbour:

Port of Rotterdam: 1,100 employees, revenue of approx. €660 million.

Port area: 12,500 hectares of port area (land and water, including roughly 6,000 hectares of industrial sites). The port area is more than 40km in length.

Employment: 180,000 jobs. Cargo transhipment: approx. 450 million tonnes of cargo per year. Shipping: approx. 30,000 ocean-going vessels and 110,000 inland vessels per year. Added value: (direct and indirect) in excess of €21 billion, equivalent to 3.5% of GNP.