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Inland Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation in harbour waters to be administered by Port of Amsterdam effective 2015


On 1 January 2015, Port of Amsterdam will assume the administration of Inland Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation in Amsterdam harbour waters. The dues were previously administered by the Waternet water company. As from the same date, customers will be submitting their statements electronically through Port of Amsterdam’s website. Electronic submission has proved to be more user-friendly and more reliable.

The administrative transfer of Inland Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation from Waternet to Port of Amsterdam will apply to all commercial barges mooring in Amsterdam harbour waters. Commercial barges include cargo ships, commercial passenger ships such as river cruise ships and professional vessels such as tugboats and floating cranes. Commercial vessels and canal cruises sailing and mooring only in the city – i.e. in Amsterdam inland waterways – will continue to submit their statements to Waternet.

New electronic system

Operators of commercial vessels must submit all Inland Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation statements to Port of Amsterdam in electronic format as of 2015, using the website The submission system is compatible with PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets and is available in four languages (Dutch, English, German and French). Customers have been able to create accounts since 1 December. After completing the one-time registration process, vessel operators only need to enter the details of their stay. The new system allows vessel operators to view previous statements at any time, while other benefits include reduced administrative costs, fully up-to-date details at all times, and a reduced likelihood of error. Koen Overtoom, COO of Port of Amsterdam: ‘Automating the processing of Inland Harbour Dues will bring substantial advantages to boatmasters on account of its user-friendliness. It has become a very fast and easy process because anyone can register at any time. This increased efficiency has enabled us to keep the tariffs unchanged for 2015.’

No change in tariffs

Port of Amsterdam will not increase its tariffs for 2015 from the 2014 tariffs and will not adjust for inflation for 2015 as in previous years. It will cut processing costs by introducing an electronic submission system, thereby eliminating the need for the standard inflation adjustment for 2015. Keeping the tariffs at the same level will benefit all commercial vessels visiting Amsterdam in 2015.

Green Award discount

The transition will coincide with the introduction by Port of Amsterdam of a new discount on the Inland Harbour Dues for barges which have been awarded a Green Award certificate. Port of Amsterdam will be the first port to award inland vessels based on the level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) they have attained as part of the Green Award programme to promote cleaner shipping. The discount applies to any period of stay specified.

Periods of stay

When submitting their statements for 2015, vessel operators can choose to remain in the port for one week, two weeks, four weeks, thirteen weeks or a full year (i.e. one calendar year). The longer a vessel remains in the port, the lower the charge (on a proportional basis). There is no restriction on the number of times vessel operators can moor in harbour waters within the period specified.

Preventing double dues

Vessel operators visiting both the city and the port will not be charged double dues. Statements for Inland Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation submitted to Port of Amsterdam are valid for both Amsterdam harbour waters and Amsterdam inland waterways during the period specified.

More information?

You will find more detailed information about the policy, an area map, tariffs, discounts, possibilities for exemption and dispensation, and answers to frequently asked questions on Harbour Dues for Professional Navigation at Port of Amsterdam.

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