Expansion of agribulk storage in Port of Amsterdam

Press release

The renovation of the quay at Coenhavenweg 9, the former terminal of Amstel Veem, for the new tenant IGMA started this week. The agreement for the sale of this terminal, comprising grounds, storage space and a sea quay, was signed in April. IGMA, which is a subsidiary of Cargill B.V., and Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V. signed a lease agreement at the same time.

IGMA will use the lot with a surface area of more than 37,000 m2 for storage and transhipment of agri products such as soy and maize for its clients. These products are supplied to IGMA by various large shipping companies, mainly from South America.

The parties intend to have the terminal operational after the summer. Koen Overtoom, Chief Operations Officer of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam N.V.: ‘This is a fantastic and strategically very important transaction. The purchase and immediate lease of this terminal provides an impetus for our activities and strengthens the Port of Amsterdam’s position as an international logistics hub for agri products.’

Rob Hansen, Director of Cargill B.V.: ‘This storage terminal will enable our clients to manage their logistics and distribution more effectively, which will in turn mean they can serve their clients better. This will further increase Amsterdam’s appeal as an agri hub.’