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Vision for 2030

By 2030, the Amsterdam port region will be an integrated hub where goods, residual streams, data, people and ideas come together, where there is room to experiment and where the strengths of businesses, the city and the region are all fully integrated.

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Strategy for 2020

The Port is an economic driver for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We maintain this position by bolstering clusters and networks, becoming the port of choice, diversifying and innovating. A smart, efficient and clean port.

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Clean shipping

Port of Amsterdam is a region with clean shipping. Where business, life and nature co-exist harmoniously. Reduction in sound, odour, light and air pollution.

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Port of Amsterdam is a sustainable port that safeguards every interest in the areas of economy, health, the environment and ecology. A smart, efficient, clean port.

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Priority port

As a port authority, we are working on building an area where companies want to invest in and share their networks. We want to be the port of choice and excel in user-friendliness, safety, appeal and efficiency.


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Sustainable port

As a port authority, we are working on building a sustainable port that safeguards every interest in the areas of health, the environment and ecology. By working with our partners, we can increase our control over the supply chain and the impact on sustainability.

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Working together

A sustainable and digital port with existing and new cargo flows and earning models.

Access to everything the port has to offer should be: smarter, more efficient and cleaner.

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Port of Amsterdam

As a port authority, we are working on creating a digital, sustainable port based on clean shipping, new and existing cargo flows and earning models – where business activity, port operations, life and nature are all perfectly integrated and where businesses invest and share their networks.

We firmly believe that the Port can always improve its access by making it smarter, cleaner and more efficient.


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Energy transition

Port of Amsterdam is the world’s largest energy port and the Amsterdam terminals are among the cleanest terminals operating anywhere in the world.
We aim to maintain this position on a sustainable basis and are transitioning the balance between fossil and non-fossil cargo, step by step.

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Diversifying and innovating

We aim to grow further together and sustainably develop Port of Amsterdam into an innovative network port. For start-ups and scale-ups, we provide facilities, financing and the leading platform for start-ups, Pro Dock.

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Setting up business in the port; cargo flows

Port of Amsterdam is a logistics hub specialising in the storage and transhipment of fossil fuels, agri-bulk, mixed cargo, building materials and recycling. The Port also accommodates companies operating in the manufacturing industry. Amsterdam is a popular destination for sea cruise liners.

We are investing in creating a world-class business development climate, development and innovation, jobs and revenues, quality of life and circularity.

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Digital port

We are investing in new technologies in order to optimise logistics and other processes of Port of Amsterdam and its customers and to manage shipping traffic smarter and more efficiently.

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15 Harbour Master's Division

On behalf of the North Sea Canal Central Nautical Management (CNB), we are in charge of the safe, efficient and responsible management of shipping traffic. 24/7 supervision by multi-functional patrol boats and a high-tech traffic control system, working together with the surrounding harbours.

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Sea lock

Port of IJmuiden will be opening the world’s largest sea lock in 2019. This lock will be bigger, wider, deeper and completely non-tidal and will enable the newest generation of sea vessels to reach Amsterdam efficiently and safely 24/7.

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Quality of life

We are always exploring new ways to integrate business, port operations, human activity and nature in areas such as noise reduction, air quality, external safety and odour reduction.

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We believe the port of the future is a sustainable port that safeguards all interests relating to health, the environment and ecology.

We therefore review proposals and plans in the port area from an economic and sustainable perspective as much as possible.

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