Vision 2030

The Amsterdam port region will be more than a transhipment centre in 2030. It will be a dynamic metropolitan port that joins the forces of Amsterdam’s three core clusters: the world-class logistics hub, high-quality regional industry and versatile urban services sector. Optimally connecting these core clusters will create cross-pollination, synergy and innovation. 

A short introduction:

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Vision 2030 has been realised in association with stakeholders including the port business community, knowledge institutions, special interest groups, NGOs and governmental agencies. The decision was made to develop a medium-term vision in light of the rapid pace at which the world is changing. This means it is important to focus on bringing about a port that can quickly adapt and promptly address new developments and innovations.

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Three cores, six clusters and three roles

Three cores form the strength of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: port, city and region. The city with a diverse range of services, such as ICT, knowledge institutions, financial and business services and tourism. The region is an industrial hotspot with a leading food sector, steel production and high-quality manufacturing. In combination with the airport, the port constitutes a world-class logistics hub and is a key point of entry to Europe for raw materials and goods. In order to drive innovation and promote synergy among the core clusters (port), industry (region) and the services sector (city), Port of Amsterdam has defined the following three roles for itself.

Three roles


Market Master (traditional role)

Strengthening the port’s six clusters (1 Energy, 2 General Cargo & Logistics, 3 Food, 4 Agribulk, Minerals & Recycling, 5 Cruise, 6 Maritime Services & Real Estate) by facilitating customers and by raising the strong foundation in the nautical, infrastructure and commercial field (space, accessibility, safety, efficiency, business development climate) to the absolute highest level.



Connecting people, organisations, ideas, flows, processes and sectors in order to realise synergy and innovation across the entire chain and region.



Achieving innovations that strengthen the port by co-developing, co-participating and co-investing as a partner

Value creation

Port of Amsterdam as a Port of Partnerships is committed to being a network port that makes it possible to come into contact quickly with the right people and organisations and to unite knowledge with a view to forming partnerships and transforming opportunities into business. This will generate greater added value for both the region and the Dutch corporate community and will also create more employment. This is how Port of Amsterdam will fulfil its mission: breakthrough value creation.