On with Energy

Port of Amsterdam has the ambition to substantially contribute to the transition to renewable energy and biobased economy.

It does so by entering into appealing partnerships with customers and innovative start-ups, creating growth, value and synergy. Successful renewable energy activities and clustering of sustainable companies take place and testing ground is provided for innovative and sustainable initiatives in the port area.

How can coal be clean?

Sjaak Stengs, managing director at Rietlanden Terminals: “Coal may not be a sustainable product, but we can’t do without it yet. That doesn’t mean, though, that transhipment can’t be clean. We see working in a clean way as a game to be won.”

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Green energy from food waste

Martijn Bovée, manager strategic accounts at Orgaworld: “Converting waste into biogas and green energy is a natural process. It only takes a couple of people here to create the right conditions for a complex biological process. When they go home, billions of bacteria carry on with the work.”

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Sustainable wind energy

Hans Schouten, Managing Director of Wind Groep Holland: "Wind energy turbines create little nuisance in the Port, and are very environmentally beneficial."

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